About us

We have lived in Northern Ireland since 1996, when we moved over for Adrian's job. We like it so much, we stayed on!

Adrian & Rachel, April 2006

I have owned and bred pets since I was very young, including hamsters, guinea pigs (cavies), rabbits, gerbils and goldfish as well as being given a young puppy Scruff Tuff for my 8th birthday. I took Scruff to local training classes, and we trained the old-fashioned way with a check chain and leather lead.
In 1994, Adrian and I set up Radio Hams Hamstery, which was initially based in Camberwell, London, before moving with us to Northern Ireland.
When we were deciding on an affix for our kennel, we wanted to continue the radio theme (we are both Radio Amateurs), and came up with 59+, 'radio speak' for the most excellent quality radio signal!

We hope to become as well known for our dogs as we are for our pedigree hamsters.

I was more into motorbikes and physics than small furries when I was younger, and my first pet was a pair of Russian Dwarf Campbell's hamsters, at the age of 27! Rachel bought me membership of the Southern Hamster Club as a sort of joke, and we went to our first show in Northampton and I was hooked! We decided then and there to set up our own hamstery. We became quite involved in hamster showing circles in England, and used to travel to shows across the South and the Midlands every weekend. When we moved to Northern Ireland in 1996, we were shocked to find that there was no club or any hamster showing in Ireland at all!
When Rachel insisted she wanted a dog in 1999, I was a bit reluctant, as I didn't like dogs much as a youngster. However, Rachel got Yeshe in September 1999, and I chose Kokya in 2000, and I haven't looked back since!