Why Tibetan Terriers?

When we moved to the country in 1999, it became possible to think about getting that long-longed for puppy. Adrian had never had a dog before, indeed had spent most of his childhood afraid of most dogs, so the choice of breed was not particularly obvious. I had wanted another dog for five years, since I had my first dog Scruff Tuff (a collie poodle cross from the RSPCA) put down. We had by now been breeding and showing pedigree hamsters for around 5 years, and Adrian particularly wanted a dog we could show if we wanted, so it had to be a pedigree.

So, I purchased a magazine which I saw by chance in the local newsagents, giving details of each KC breed along with exercise and grooming requirements. Adrian's first choice was an Old English Sheepdog, he fancied a big dog, but I did warn him that a big dog needs a lot of exercise and a lot of food, let alone the grooming! Irish Wolfhounds were his second choice, but I pointed out that our cottage is very small, and that they don't live an awfully long time. So we pored over the other breeds in the magazine. The Tibetan Terrier was the only other breed that we both liked. It's character sounded fun, and I thought that if the coat got too much, we could always clip it off!

So the decision was made! I contacted the Tibetan Terrier Association and the Tibetan Terrier Breeders and Owners club for their breeders' lists, and was given the number of Mike and Judi Tempest in Newtownards. We went to visit their TTs, and were convinced that this was the breed for us. However, I wanted a black and white dog, and Judi and Mike at the time were not expecting to have this colour in the near future. Eventually, having spent hours on the phone, talking to breeders all over the UK, I booked a puppy from Pat Tempest of Alilah. We went to England to pick up Yeshe in September 1999, and we were hooked!

It took us some time to feel that we had the knowledge and dedication to breed a litter of TT puppies, as we didn't want to make any mistakes.

Kokya ready to go in the ring at Crufts