Class A

Class A is fhe first class where the handler cannot encourage the dog verbally throughout the test (except for stays in the other classes). The following is a description of the Class A test, from the Kennel Club Year Book 2005/2006.

a For dogs which have not won 3 First Prizes in Class A, B and Open Class C in total.
b Simultaneous command and signal will be permitted. Extra commands or signals must be penalised.
c The detailed tests will be:

(1) Heel free 30 points
(2) Recall from Sit or Down position at handler's choice. Dog to be recalled to heel by handler on command of Judge or Steward, whilst handler is walking away from dog, both to continue forward until ordered to halt. The recall and halt points to be the same for each dog and handler. Test commences following handler's last command to dog. 15 points
(3) Retrieve a dumb-bell, handlers may use their own dumb-bell 25 points
(4) Sit 2 minutes, handler in sight 20 points
(5) Down 3 minutes, handler out of sight 30 points
(6) Scent discrimination. The handler's scent on a marked cloth supplied by the Judge. There must be a total of 6 scent cloths, this total must not include any decoys, but must include the cloth provided by the judge. These 6 cloths must be set out in a straight line, which may be in any direction. 30 points
(7) TOTAL 150 points