FiveNinePlus Molly Malone (KC, IKC)

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Cockle is our first home-bred show dog, and as such is very special!

She did well at showing as a puppy, winning PG4 at Fermoy Champ show (IKC) at only 7 months old! In Junior bitch she won 3rd at Belfast Champ show, thus qualifying for Crufts 2009.

Adrian is currently training her in both obedience and agility, and she is proving to be very different from her mother to train! (She just LOVES her Mr Squeakles!)

She entered three Puppy Walks at local dog matches before she was 6 months old and won them all, thanks to all the judges who liked her!

Cockle has now been retired from showing and Adrian is concentrating on obedience and agility with her. She is proving to be rather a handful and very fast, so we'll see how she goes!

She currently competes at Grade 4 Medium agility and at Novice obedience.


Puppy Group 4 at Fermoy International Champ Show 08, 7 months old
Cockle at her first show, March 08
Cockle on the table, Fermoy Int Ch Show 08, 7 months old
Cockle in the snow, February 2008
Relaxing in the puppy group ring, 7 months old