Heel free

The following is a description of Heel free, from the Kennel Club Year Book 2005/2006.

The dog must be off the lead throughout this test. The Test ust be carried out in the same manner as Heel on Lead and with the same restriction on turns except as specified below.
(1) Class A. Diagonal turns are permissable, however it is acceptable to include left about turns.
(2) Classes B and C. Turns of up to 180 degrees to the left (left about turns) are permitted at normal and/or slow pace.
(3) Class C. Figures of eight and/or weaving between poles/markers may be introduced at slow and/or normal pace. Circles may also be included at any pace, but judges must ensure that such manoeuvres can be satisfactorily accomplished by all breeds entered in the Class. Heelwork patterns may also include multiple or combination turns at normal and/or slow pace, provided that such turns, once started, must continue in the same direction and do not exceed a total of 360 degrees. For example a "Double left about turn" or a "left about turn- left turn" is permitted but a "left about turn- right turn" or and "About turn- left turn" is not.
(4) After the completion of a multiple or combination turn, the handler and dog must be allowed several paces if required to turn again.