Heel on lead

The following is a description of Heel on lead, from the Kennel Club Year Book 2005/2006.

The dog should be sitting straight at the handler's side. On command the handler should walk briskly forward in a straight line with the dog at heel. The dog's shoulder should be approximately level with and reasonably close to thehandler's leg at all times. On the command to turn, the handler should turn smartly in the direction indicated and the dog should keep its position at the handler's side. Turning manoeuvres must not be coupled together. The handler and dog must be allowed several paces if required to turn again. On the command "Halt" the handler should halt immediately, and the dog should sit straight at the handler's side. Throughout the test the handler may not touch the dog or make use of the lead without penalty.
(1) Pre-Beginners and Beginners classes. In these classes the only permissable turns are turns of 90 degrees to the left or right and 180 degrees about turns to the right.
(2) Novice. Diagonal turns are permissable, however, it is not acceptable to include left about turns.