Khizhi (Mikudi Uptown Girl at FiveNinePlus)

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Khizhi (meaning 'group of Gods or demons' in Tibetan) was a breath of fresh air on her arrival into our home, keeping the boys in line from the word go! Her Tibetan name turned out to be quite appropriate! She is beautifully marked in black and white, but has been shown only lightly- she was entered at the TTA show in 2004 and then came into season! Her mother is Mikudi Gemima, perhaps the youngest ever dual (Ir and UK) Champion in the breed, her father is Araki Campharry at Lasang. Khizhi qualified for Crufts in 2006.

I had already started to use clicker training with Yeshe when he was starting to lag and look reluctant in the obedience ring, so I decided to teach Khizhi with it from the start. I also learnt lessons from Yeshe's recall problems, and on the advice of an experienced Glandore Dog Training Club of Ulster trainer, kept her on the extendable lead until she was around 12 months old. This definitely worked for Khizhi, who has a very reliable recall even away from Yeshe, Kya and Chacha. Khizhi currently competes in the Novice obedience class.

Khizhi has been trained for agility with the clicker, too, and along with the improved recall, her enthusiasm and speed is boundless! Contrasted with Yeshe, who can be relatively slow, Khizhi streaks around a course, so I have had to change my running completely to keep up with her and keep her right! She has measured into the Small dogs category, which makes her the top end of her class in terms of size, and has no problem at all flying over the jumps and through tunnels with gusto! It's me who has the trouble running with her!
She is currently competing at Grade 6 Small Agility.

In November 2007, Khizhi produced a litter of 4 healthy puppies, mated to Schanti's Xandur Lamleh mit Mikudi, and we kept Cockle, the black and white bitch, the first born puppy. Khizhi proved to be a dedicated and patient mother, and Cockle still bullies her occasionally!

Khizhi at Castlewellan show, summer 2005
Khizhi on the dogwalk at Castlewellan show
Khizhi's first show at Balmoral
Khizhi at 8 weeks
Khizhi and me, Autumn 2005