Kokya (Mikudi Kokya at FiveNinePlus Beg Ex.)

9th February 2000 - 9th July 2013

Kya was the pick of the litter from the well-known Irish kennel Mikudi, based in Newtownards, County Down, and we are grateful to Judi and Mike for letting us have him. Kokya was tri-coloured, with gold on his feet and backside, and his father, Mikudi Texas Cowboy won BOB at Crufts 2003, so he has a fantastic pedigree behind him!
He was Adrian's first dog, our second show dog, and qualified for Crufts 2001 when he was only 6 months old, at the Belfast show in 2000. He was shown at Crufts every year 2001-2006, when he retired from the breed ring.

Kya attended obedience classes with Adrian from around 12 weeks old, and trained with Glandore Dog Training Club of Ulster. He won out of Pre-Beginners and Beginners before retiring. Kya often had a short attention span, which made his heelwork rather unpredictable in a show situation. Adrian introduced Kya to the clicker, which vastly improved his motivation for obedience.

Kya's forte in training was in agility, despite the fact that he was just into the Large class, so was among the smallest dogs having to jump the tallest height jumps. With the Kennel Club rule changes, he was much happier jumping the slightly lowered jumps. However, he qualified into the Seniors class at the Castlereagh & District show in October 2005, having won two Novice classes at the old 'Standard' heights. Kya ended his agility career in Grade 6 Large.

Kya was a very loving dog, always ready for a cuddle, and with his long, flowing coat, looked really spectacular flying over jumps. (However, for ease of keeping his coat, he is now fully clipped down!) He could work very well for Adrian, but like all TTs, had a mind of his own- some people call them independent, perhaps another word is disobedient!

At the age of 13, and after a cruciate ligament operation in January 2013, Kya was totally retired from agility and obedience competitions. He still liked nothing more than a cuddle in the evenings.
We lost Kya tragically on the 9th July 2013. The other dogs were allowed to see and smell his body, and things are different at home- they all seem to miss Kya in their own way. Kya is buried in our garden with a fuschia bush at his feet, so he is still with us.
Run free at Rainbow Bridge, our little Kya man, and enjoy teaching my Scruff Tuff to play while you wait for the rest of us!

Kokya in 2001 ready for Crufts
Adrian and Kya practising heelwork
Crufts 2003
Kya jumping high at Carrowdore show