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October 2013

Sunday 6th October, IKC International Championship show, Cloghran
We were thrilled that our Chacha again won Veteran Bitch, Bitch Green Star and Best Veteran in breed.
Her daughter Lita won her third CACIB, so pleased!
Thanks so much to the judges who thought so highly of our smiling girls!

Saturday 5th October, IKC International Championship show, Cloghran
We were thrilled that our Chacha won Veteran Bitch, Bitch Green Star and Best Veteran in breed.

September 2013

Sunday 29th September, BDSS Open Agility show, Balmoral showgrounds, Belfast
Today Adrian was judging Novice obedience, so I was running all four girls!
I felt like I didn't stop all day... and I even ran Cockle and won her class, she wouldn't run for the rest of the day, though!
Cockle WON Medium Agility, grades 1-5 (Clear, thus winning her into grade 5!)
Chacha, 3rd Large Jumping, grades 1-3 (Clear)
Lita, clear round, Large Jumping, grades 1-3
Thanks to judge Miriam McDowell.

Saturday 28th September, BDSS Open Agility show, Balmoral showgrounds, Belfast
A lovely day, the weather was kind and the Spanish girls did well!
Chacha, 2nd Large Agility, grades 1-3 (Clear)
Cockle, WON Medium Agility, grades 1-5 but not clear
Chacha, 4th Large Agility, grades 1-3 (Clear)
Lita, clear round in Large Agility, grades 1-3
Cockle, 4th Medium Jumping, grades 4-7
Thanks to judge Louise Smart.

Sunday 6th October, Down & DDTC Open Agility show, Seaforde
Well, we couldn't have two amazing days in a row, but a good day was had by all with all our Glandore and other friends.
Lita, 5th Large Agility, grades 1-4 (Clear)
Chacha, 6th Large Agility, grades 1-4 (Clear)
Lita and Chacha, clear rounds in the Large Steeplechase, grades 1-7
Cockle, 3rd Medium Agility, grades 1-4
Cockle, 3rd Medium Steeplechase, grades 1-7
Lita, 6th Large Jumping, grades 1-4
Thanks to judges Mrs Anne Collen and Mrs Sheelagh Rea

Saturday 21st September, Down & DDTC Open Agility show, Seaforde
We had a lovely day, the weather was kind and the Spanish girls were on fire!
Lita, 6th in Large Agility, grades 1-5
Chacha, 3rd Large Agility, grades 1-3 (Clear)
Lita, 4th Large Agility, grades 1-3 (Clear)
Cockle, 2nd Medium Agility, grades 1-5
Cockle, 5th Medium Agility, grades 4-7
Lita, 3rd Large Jumping, grades 1-3 (Clear)
Chacha, 5th Large Jumping, grades 1-3 (Clear)
Cockle, clear round, Medium Jumping grades 4-7
Khizhi, 4th Small Jumping, grades 6-7
Thanks to judges Paul Moore and Kirsty Jess.

Sunday 8th September, Lisburn & DDTC Open Agility show, Down Royal Racecourse
We were at the McCrum's bash on the Saturday, so this was our first agility show for around 2 months...
We needn't have worried, the break appeared to have done the Spanish girls no harm... same couldn't be said for the TT girls, though! :)
Chacha, 4th Large Agility grades 1-3
Lita, 5th Large Agility grades 1-3
Khizhi, 5th Small Agility grades 6-7
Chacha, 5th Large Jumping grades 1-7 (Clear)
Cockle, 5th Medium Jumping grades 1-7
Judge Mr Sam McCracken

August 2013

Saturday 3rd August, Paignton Championship Show
What a fantastic day for showing! Up at 4.30am to arrive in Exeter in good time (not so good!).
Chacha was entered for AV Veteran, winning 4th in a large class, so we were very pleased.
We then waited all day for the Spanish Water Dog judging, giving us time to catch up with lots of SWD friends...
and it ended up worth it, as our Lita won
Best Bitch and Reserve Best of Breed under Richard Morris.
Sadly, we received the very sad news during the journey home that Adrian's mum had passed away, so celebrations were understandably muted.

July 2013

Saturday 13th July, Castlewellan Agricultural show Open Agility
Large Agility Grades 1-5, Lita 4th and Chacha 6th.
Cockle WINS Medium Agility Grades 1-5, but with 0.649secs time faults!
Medium Agility Grades 3-7, Cockle comes 4th,
Medium Jumping Grades 1-7, Cockle comes 3rd.

Khizhi didn't make it round in the times in any of the agility courses, and was eliminated in the jumping round!
Judge Jenny Agate.

Sad news... 9th July 2013
Tragically, today we lost our Kya, Mikudi Kokya at FiveNinePlus Beg. Ex. at the age of 13yrs and exactly 5 months old. We have buried him in the garden.
He was Adrian's first dog, and we will all miss him, especially his big mate Yeshe.
Run free at Rainbow Bridge, Kya, perhaps you can teach Scruff Tuff to play!

May 2013

Saturday 25th May, Ballyrawer Competitive Obedience and Flyball Club Open Agility and Obedience show
Adrian was otherwise engaged today, so I attempted to run all four of our girls in both disciplines!
The only one to achieve in the obedience was Chacha, winning 5th in Novice despite her 'fly past' to show everyone she had picked up the dumbell! I was very pleased.
I ran Chacha and Lita in B, just so they could have a go at a sendaway, and they enjoyed it immensely!
Thanks to obedience judges Christine Wilson (Novice, A) and Mandy Ring (B).
It was really hard work! Was I glad when Adrian arrived in time to run his two in Jumping!
I didn't do too badly with Cockle, winning 2nd in Medium Agility grades 3-7,
but Chacha, Khizhi and Lita didn't get a clear round in all day!
Judge Jenny Agate

Saturday 18th May, Kennel Club Good Citizens' Special Pre-Beginners' Stakes, run by Glandore DTC of Ulster
What a horrible day weather-wise!
However, 6 Glandore members in the top 10 at the show, with Colleen and Oscar winning through to the semi-finals in Scotland in October with a chance to win through to compete at Crufts, well done all of you!

Saturday 11th May, Down District DTC Open Agility show at Castleward
So pleased with little Lita, 4th in Large Agility, grades 1-3 with a clear round,
beating her mother, Chacha who won 5th in the same class!
Lita then came 6th in Large Jumping, grades 1-5 with another clear round!
Cockle won 3rd in Medium Agility, grades 1-5,
and 4th in Medium Agility, grades 4-7.
She also came 2nd in Medium Jumping grades 1-5.
Khizhi came 2nd in Small Agility grades 6-7,
and 5th in Small Jumping grades 6-7.
So, all in all, a good day for Adrian and both his dogs, and a fair day for me!
Thanks to judges Liam O'Brien (Agility) and Sammy McCracken (Jumping).

Sunday 5th May, Fermoy International Championship Show (IKC)
So pleased with little Lita, Green Star Bitch and CACIB, her second,
thanks to judge Mr Van De Broek (Belg.)
Thanks to Diane and Paula for a great weekend, the Glandore breed sub-group done good! :)

Saturday 4th May, South Tipperary Championship Show (IKC)
Pleased with little Lita, Green Star Bitch,
thanks to judge Mr De Mello (Port.).

April 2013

Saturday 26th April, Down & District Open Obedience show, The Hut
So pleased with Chacha, who did a cracking Novice round, just outside the placings (7th), losing only 5 1/2 points overall and Lita and Adrian who only lost 9 1/2 overall (9th).
Thanks to the judge, Jacqui Bracchi.
Well done to all the other Glandore members who competed.

Winter League Agility, league results
The Winter League results are calculated over 4 rounds of each of Agility and Jumping, and whilst rosettes are given 1st to 12th in each leg, plus 1st to 3rd in each size category, for the final standings, all dogs are against all others, regardless of size or grade.
Well done particularly to Adrian and Lita, who won 12th place overall in the final leg of agility, giving them a fantastic overall placing of 7th!
Not bad against all those grade 7 collies!

Lita, WL Agility, 7th overall
Khizhi, WL Agility, 25th overall
Chacha, WL Agility, 29th overall
Cockle, WL Agility, 78th overall

Lita, WL Jumping, 45th overall
Chacha, WL Jumping, 61st overall
Khizhi, WL Jumping, 67th overall
Cockle, WL Jumping, 68th overall
Well done to all the other Glandore members who competed.

Monday 15th April
Lots of love to Colleen and Ian.
Happy birthday to Adrian and Robin Walker of Espiritu SWDs! :)

Sunday 7th April
Khizhi is all healed and happy and had a great time jumping and whizzing around at agility today!

Easter Tuesday, Belfast Dog Show Society Open Obedience and Agility show, Tuesday 2nd April
Khizhi stayed at home, so I had a relaxing day working only Chacha... who won 3rd in Large Agility grades 1-3 and 3rd in Large Jumping grades 1-7...
and 3rd in Novice obedience, thanks to Margaret Brown who judged her.
Cockle WON Medium Agility grades 4-5, but was outsided the time by 2.35 secs!
Lita won 4th in Large Jumping grades 1-7, just beaten by her mother!
It was a very cold but good day, well done especially to Christine and Jack for their first non-elimination agility round.

March 2013

End of March
Khizhi is all healed and I will be starting to get her back to training etc, she is running around now and jumping onto the sofa as normal!
Thanks so much to everyone who sent good wishes...

23rd- 26th March
Unfortunately, the snow is keeping us all in, I can't get the van out and until yesterday the roads were pretty bad... at least the electricity was only off for three days, let's hope it cheers up for the Easter weekend!

5th March Khizhi goes for her operation...
Well, I went to pick up Khizhi on Tuesday 5th March and her belly looked like a patchwork quilt! She had to have mammary tumours removed, two tiny ones and one big one, and she was also spayed, hopefully to prevent more tumours...
She was very, very dozy but seemed glad to be home!
No agility for a while, though!

Bangor Open Obedience show, Saturday 2nd March, Bangor
With Adrian away, I ran Lita in obedience today, I did a training round as we missed our slot in the running order.. She did two lovely training stays with her mother and had a great time playing with me in the ring!
Chacha just wasn't in the mood today, don't really know why, perhaps it was going to the vets' beforehand which put her off! I had a go at A but pulled out of stays and scent, she just wasn't on form.
In contrast, little Khizhi, who hasn't been in an obedience ring for a while, pulled quite a decent round out of the bag, lost her run-off for third but ended up 4th in Novice, so pleased!

January 2013

Chacha's puppies are away!
Our beautiful tricolour bitch puppy, FiveNinePlus Chipiona, is going to a lovely home with Lester and is to be known as Ava - a lovely, traditional Spanish name, suits her down to the ground, and is nice and short for training!
We wish Lester and his other half all the very best with their second SWD and look forward to update photos when possible!

For informaton on our planned breeding programme for 2013, please email
or phone 0845 329 3379 any time, or see puppies page.

December 2012

Glandore DTC of Ulster Open Agility show, Laurelview Equestrian Centre, Saturday 29th December
Well, this was Chacha's first time out since having the puppies, and did she enjoy it!
Lita did very well, coming 3rd in Large 1-3 Jumping, Clear round,
Chacha coming 4th in Large 1-3 Agility
We had to leave promptly to get back to the pups!

Chacha's second litter is ready to go!
Well, how quickly the time goes!
Our six beautiful puppies are ready for new homes
Please email

or phone 0845 329 3379 any time

October 2012

Chacha's second litter is born, 27th October 2012
What great timing, Chacha waiting until Adrian got home from judging his first obedience show, to have her puppies during the night of Saturday 27th October.
Father Espiritu de Tajo (Chico) owned by Lynne and Robin Walker, a young dog with a great temperament and health tests. Thanks so much Lynne and Robin for letting us use your lovely boy!
Six beautiful puppies delivered, 3 boys, 3 girls ... see them live on the puppy cam here, read their blog here, including details of their weight etc.
Mother and babies all doing well.

July 2012

Castlereagh & District DTC Open Agility show, Saturday 14th July 2012, Castlewellan Agricultural Society
Oooooops, forgot to enter...
Congratulations are due, I hear, to LIsa and Barkley for a storming winning round! :)

Glandore DTC of Ulster Open Agility show, Saturday 14th July 2012, Shane's Castle
You know what it's like when it's your show! Running around keeping things on track, the dogs rarely do very well...
Having been eliminated because she broke her start-line stay and I took her back to do it, Chacha proceeded to do a wonderful clear round in Large Agility Grades 1-3, shame it didn't count!
(Unfortunately she couldn't compete in the Jumping rounds, as she went lame around lunch time.)
Cockle won Medium Agility Grades 4-5, but had nearly 30 secs time faults!
She then WON Medium Jumping Grades 1-4 with a clear round.
Khizhi won 5th in Small Agility Grades 1-7, but had 11 secs time faults.
Lita won 4th in Large Jumping Grades 1-4 with a lovely clear round.
Judge: Mark O'Brien (ROI)

City of Belfast Open Obedience and Agility show, Saturday 7th July 2012, Billy Neill Soccer Centre
Adrian and I were judging today, so no results to report!
I measured my agility courses with the wheel, taking Kennel Club guidelines for lowest grade in class each time, course times suited most dogs.
Special thanks to Crawford McCartney, Diane Hodgett and Siobhan Owens for all their help on the day, and for the committee of City of Belfast for a great lunch and meal out in the evening!

Castlereagh & District DTC Open Obedience show, Sunday 1st July 2012, Cooperhill
Well, a very relaxed day, but no real results to report.
Lita did a nice A round- only her second- and the judge made some very nice comments about her.
Chacha and Khizhi did nothing great to report on, Chacha just didn't want to do her heelwork round in A and then did a very mediocre round in Novice...
Well done to David, who did rather better with both Coke and Rhum.

June 2012

Coleraine Canine Club Open Obedience and Agility show, Saturday 23rd June 2012, Portrush
Well, Khizhi wins 3rd in Small Agility Grades 3-7 with a clear round.
Lita and Chacha manage clear rounds in Large Jumping Grades 3-7
Thanks to judge Glenn Smart.

Down & District DTC Open Agility show, Saturday 16th June 2012, Castleward
Well, Lita wins 5th in Large Agility Grades 1-5 and a clear round in Large Jumping Grades 1-5,
the other girls let us down a bit!! Nuff said!
Thanks to judges Cheryl Harkness (Agility) and Miriam McDowell (Jumping)

Lisburn & District DTC Open Obedience and Agility show, Saturday 2nd June 2012, Lisburn Rugby Club
Well, Khizhi wins 6th in Small Agility Grades 6-7 but with jumping and time faults.
Cockle somehow wins 2nd in Medium Jumping Grades 3-5, but with 27 secs time faults.
Judges: Diane Redford (Agility and Irish Dog of the Year) and Ann Collen (Jumping)

May 2012

Ballyrawer Competition Obedience and Flyball Club, Saturday Open Agility show, Saturday 26th May 2012, Newtownards Rugby Club
Well, Cockle manages 4th in Medium Grades 1-5 Agility, but not clear.
Khizhi wins a 3rd in Small Grades 6-7 Agility, but with 35+ secs time faults!
Judge: Sammy McCracken

Castlereagh & District DTC Open Agility show, Saturday 12th May 2012, The Patch
Well, Cockle manages 4th in Medium Grades 1-5 Agility, but not clear.
Chacha and Lita manage clear rounds in Large Jumping Grades 1-5.
Cockle also gains a 5th in Medium Jumping Grades 1-5, but not clear.
Khizhi manages a 5th in Small Jumping Grades 3-7, clear but she was the star of the day WINNING (how, I don't know, as I found it incredibly confusing!! ) the Small Gamblers!
Thanks to judges Lucy Osbourne (Agility), Glenn Smart (Jumping) and David Duncan (Gamblers).

April 2012

Winter League final standings, Saturday 24th April 2012, The Patch
Well, Kokya comes out 4th overall in the Veteran class, a great result for an old man (and Adrian)!
The girls don't do quite so well! :)
Cockle, 25th overall in Agility (all sizes)
Chacha, 31st overall in Agility (all sizes)
Khizhi, 35th overall in Agility (all sizes)
Lita, 55th overall in Agility (all sizes)
Cockle, 35th overall in Jumping (all sizes)
Lita, 39th overall in Jumping (all sizes)
Chacha, 55th overall in Jumping (all sizes)
Khizhi, 91st overall in Jumping (all sizes)
HUGE congrats to Louise and Vinny for winning best ABC overall (all sizes) and best rescue dog overall (all sizes).

Belfast Dog Show Society Open Agility show, 10th April 2012, Balmoral showgrounds
Well, Cockle actually does what she's supposed to and WINS Medium Grades 1-3 Agility, promoting her into Grade 4! Fantastic result for Adrian after all she puts him through!
Chacha and Lita also manage clear rounds in Large Jumping Grades 1-7.
Many thanks to judge Declan Dolan.

March 2012
Crufts, Friday 9th March 2012, NEC Birmingham
Well, what a day!
Starting off by winning the Open Bitch class, going on to win the Good Citizens' class and finishing by winning BEST BITCH- and all before Lita's even 2 1/2!


Still floating, so many thanks to the judge Mr R J Morris for loving our baby and to all the kind words from fellow exhibitors, but most of all to the Glandore support crew, who made our day! WOW!
Congratulations also to Nigel Egginton winning Best of Breed with Paco and Sylvia Pridomore winning Best Puppy with Peppi.

January 2012
New Year's resolution- to keep website up to date this year!

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