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December 2011

25th December 2011
WAll the very best wishes to all our friends for the season and for the New Year, may it be everything you wish for! XXX

Castlereagh & District DTC Open obedience show, Ganaway,
Saturday 3rd December 2011
What a fabulous day for Adrian (and for Glandore)-
Adrian WON Beginners' with Kya, 2nd with Lita, with Katherine and Brody 3rd, Jenny & Cindy 5th!
Chacha was doing really well in A, but came out of the ring to Adrian when a puppy cried, so ended up in 6th, then lost her run-off in Novice to come 4th.
What a lovely end to the season!
(I think at 12 and a bit grumpy Adrian might retire Kya on a high note!) - that's Adrian and Lita/ Cockle into Novice!

November 2011

Coleraine DTC Open obedience show, Portrush,
Saturday 12th November 2011
We were entered, but unfortunately I had a showjumping commitment which went on till the afternoon, so we missed the show.

Adrian returns, finally from England...
Unfortunately, no successful mating for Chacha, so no New Year's puppies...
Very disappointed.

October 2011

Glandore DTC of Ulster Open obedience show, Moneyreagh Community Centre,
Saturday 29th October 2011
CWell, with Chacha in season and in England with Adrian, I had only Khizhi to run for myself, and all the paperwork to look after, since Adrian wasn't there!!
Jenny very kindly agreed to take Lita into the Beginners' class, she was lying second until she refused point blank to lie down for her down stay, no idea why not! Maybe she was missing her daddy! She went ok for me in the Novice ring, but not well enough to be placed.
I took Cockle into the Novice ring, what a disaster!
Khizhi wasn't on form, either so a bit of a nothing show for my dogs!
Huge congratulations to David and Rhum for winning Novice!

Castlereagh & DDTC, Open Agility show, The Patch,
Sunday 2nd October 2011
The last show of the agility season, foul weather, but never mind!
Lita, clear round, Large 1-5 Jumping
Chacha, clear round, Large 1-3 Jumping
Cockle, 2nd place, Medium 1-5 Jumping
Khizhi, 6th place, Small 4-7 Jumping
Khizhi, 2nd place, Small 6 Graded Jumping

Castlereagh & DDTC, Championship Agility show, The Patch,
Saturday 1st October 2011
Cockle, 4th place Medium 1-5 Jumping (clear)
Cockle, 4th place Medium 1-3 Jumping
Khizhi, 5th place Small 4-6 Jumping (clear)
We ran the Jumping ring, so quite difficult to concentrate on what was going on, also I was late, as my school's showjumping teams were competing.

September 2011

Belfast Dog Show Society Open Obedience & Agility show, King's Hall Belfast,
Sunday 25th September 2011
An expensive show to enter, but we still had Cockle, Khizhi, Chacha & Lita entered.
Chacha, 4th place, Large 1-3 Agility (clear)
Cockle, 1st place, Medium 1-5 Agility
Khizhi, 2nd place, Small 6&7 Agility (clear)
Khizhi, 3rd place, Small 4-7 Agility
Chacha, 4th place, Large1-3 Jumping
Cockle, 1st place, Medium 1-3 Jumping
Lita won Beginners' obedience, but was given a 2nd place, which was good for Adrian as he didn't really want to win out yet! But well done the baby!

Belfast Dog Show Society, King's Hall Belfast,
Saturday 24th September 2011
We were showing Chacha and Lita today, so didn't enter either obedience or agility.
The girls showed well, but were beaten in AV Gundog, going 2nd and 3rd.
However, met some really friendly people and chatted about Spanish Water Dogs all day!
Congratulations to Katherine and Brody who won into Grade 4 agility today.

Down District DTC Open Obedience and Agility show, Dundrum,
Sunday 17th September 2011
A great day weatherwise, I am pleased to report that Lita was back to full fitness after her accident.
This was the first show that Adrian tried her at full height again, and she was absolutely fine, thank goodness! Thanks so much to everyone who wished her well whilst she was laid up.
Lita, 6th place, Large 1-3 Agility,
Cockle, 2nd place, Medium 1-5 Jumping,
Cockle, 4th place, Medium 1-3 Jumping

Lisburn & District DTC Open Agility show, Lisburn Rugby Club,
Sunday 11th September 2011
As Adrian was judging jumping at this show, I couldn't compete, so I went along for a nosy, ended up doing some obedience training in the training ring- great idea, thanks for running it, Patricia and Suzanne.

Lisburn & District DTC Open Agility show, Down Royal Race Course,
Saturday 10th September 2011
Unfortunately, I had to fly to England for a funeral on the Friday, so we arrived late on the Saturday morning from the airport, missng all the lower classes for Chacha, Lita and Cockle!
Khizhi, 6th place, Small 6&7 Agility,
Khizhi, 5th place, Small 1-7 Agility,
Chacha, clear round Large 1-7 Jumping,
Khizhi, 4th place, Small 6&7 Jumping,
Khizhi, 4th place, Small 1-7 Jumping

August 2011

British Agility Association Agility show, England, Saturday 13th August 2011
Well, we didn't enter Khizhi or Cockle, Yeshe and Kya were back in NI being looked after by a friend, so Adrian and I went with Chacha and Lita only for the show... since her accident, Lita couldn't compete, so it was all down to Chacha!
The heights are a bit different under BAA, but we chose to put Chacha into the larger of the two, since this is closest to what she jumps under KC rules. BAA rules also put fences further away from each other, so there's lots of running to do!!!
Can you believe it, we looked around at 10 and saw... another SWD!
Chacha went clear three times out of her four rounds, with one elimination (skipped a fence to catch me up!), a good day was had by all, with 3 clear round rosettes and a 3rd place with medal!

July 2011

Glandore DTC of Ulster Open Obedience & Agility show, Greenisland, Saturday 30th July 2011
Well Khizhi was in season, Yeshe and Kya are now retired, so Adrian and I went with Cockle and Chacha only for the show...
Chacha went clear twice out of her four agility rounds, with no placings, did a storming (silent) heelwork training round and scent in A and missed her Novice stays, but did come 3rd in the Special Charity C class, not bad for a Novice ABC dog! Thanks so much to judge David Marshall for all his hard work in preparation for this fun clas, which included heelwork in flippers, goggles and mask and Distance Control wearing a large blowup rubber ring!
Adrian did two agility rounds with Cockle, one of which I saw, it was great, but had to leave early to collect Lita from the vets'.
Thanks to Karen Bleakley and Cheryl Harkness for judging the agility, Gemma Lewis, David Marshall and Lyn Jamison for judging us in Obedience.

Friday 29th July 2011
Sadly, Lita was hit by a car this evening. The vets are sure she has no broken bones, but she does have two large wounds on her back leg which have been stitched. We are hoping and praying that she will make a full recovery in time, but of course will be out of the rings for some weeks/ months.

Sligo Championship Show, Saturday 16th July 2011
I enjoyed my first Green Star judging appointment, and got in before the heavens opened!
Thanks all who entered.

Many congratulations to Christate for DGS with Joey and Mikudi for BGS and BoB with Zara.

Ladies Kennel Association Championship Show, Saturday 9th July 2011
Well, what a day for our baby Lita!
Under breed judge, Mrs P Geoghan, Lita was graded Excellent and GSB and Best of Breed, beating her mother!

Then in the Group 8 ring under the same judge, she won 4th in Group!
We were delighted, our first Group placing with our baby!
Thanks to all our show friends for their kind congratulations.

Castlereagh DTC Open Obedience show, Sunday 3rd July
Well, a relaxing day at Cooperhill with only two rings to worry about!
Chacha did a nice round in A including a convincing scent and came 4th, so I was very pleased. She also managed a lovely round in Novice, losing points for touching my hand, but really positive, thanks Doreen for your kind comments. She lost a run-off for 5th, so came 6th in a non-collie line-up 1st to 6th (very unusual indeed)!
Cockle was a complete TT all day, didn't actually finish either her Beginners or Novice rounds!
Kya came 2nd in Beginners.
Khizhi wasn't in the mood for either Novice or A, so came nowhere!
Well done also to the only other Glandore members at the show, David and Jenny.

City of Belfast DTC Open Obedience & Agility show, Saturday 2nd July 2011
Well, a good day in terms of weather for the dogs, it was overcast all day...
Cockle was a monster nearly all day, in both agility and obedience, Kya did his Beginners' round but reluctantly!, Lita was a good girl but didn't make a clear, Chacha was so up for it in agility that she didn't get a clear round all day, but wasn't she having fun!! and Khizhi got a couple of rosettes but also didn't have a clear round all day!
Thanks to Catherine Cable (agility) and Sammy McCracken (jumping) for judging.
The old men stayed at home all day and no doubt slept!
However, great evening at Lisa and TJ's engagement party, many congratulations to you both! :)

June 2011

Shane's Castle Open Agility Show, Sunday 26th June 2011
We were running the show, so as usual, quite a hectic day for all concerned.
Chacha was 4th in Large Grades 1-3 Agility, but not clear.
Khizhi was 2nd in Small Grades 1-7 Agility, with 5 faults, 2nd in Small Grades 5-7 Jumping with time faults.
Thanks to judges Becky McMullan (agility) and Caitlin Strain (jumping).

Castlereagh & District DTC Open Agility Show, Saturday 18th June 2011
A good day after all, the forecast was awful and it really only rained at the end of the day when we were packing away.
Chacha was 6th in Large Grades 1-4 Agility, but with 5 faults.
Cockle was 3rd in Medium Grades 1-5 Agility but 5 faults and time faults.
Khizhi WON Small Grade 6 Agility with a clear round!
Chacha wasn't placed but had a clear round in Large Grades 1-5 Jumping.
Lita wasn't placed but had a clear round in Large Grades 3-7 Jumping.
Cockle was 6th in Medium Grades 1-5 Jumping with faults.
Khizhi was 3rd in Small Grades 3-7 Jumping with a clear round!
Khizhi also managed a 2nd in Gamblers, which was more by luck than judgement, if I'm honest! :)
Thanks to Peter Dall (agility) and Tracey Russell (jumping) and David Duncan (gamblers) for our results.

Coleraine CC Open Obedience & Agility Show, Saturday 11th June 2011
Members of the agility fraternity ran the show to enable the competition to go ahead. Special thanks to Louise Smart who scribed all day...
Lita was 6th in Large Grades 3-7 Agility, her first agility rosette, so Adrian was thrilled!
Khizhi was 4th in Small Grades 6-7 Agility, but with over 20s time faults!
Khizhi was also 6th in Small Grades 3-7 Agility, but again with time faults.

Khizhi was 4th in Small Grades 6-7 Jumping, but with faults.
Thanks to Glenn Smart for judging.

Lisburn & DDTC Open Obedience Show, Sunday 5th June 2011
Nothing much to report- Chacha came 6th in A, the only Irish competitor to place!

Lisburn & DDTC Champ Obedience & Open Agility Show, Saturday 4th June 2011
With the entry fees being so high for both of us to enter, we entered agility on the Saturday and obedience on both days as the entry was capped, but Adrian competed both days with Kya, I concentrated on agility only on the Saturday.
Cockle was 5th in Medium Grades 3-5 Agility, but with faults.
Cockle was 2nd in Medium Grades 3-5 Jumping, but not clear.
Thanks to Lisa Devlin (agility) and Sam Butchart (jumping) for judging.

May 2011

Ballyrawer DTC Open Obedience & Agility Show, Saturday 28th May 2011
No results to report- great show for FiveNinePlus!! - or NOT!
Judge Michael McCartney (agility).

(Castleward) Down & District DTC Open Agility Show, Saturday 21st May 2011
Khizhi was 3rd in Small Grades 6-7 Agility, but with time faults.
Khizhi was also 4th in Small Grades 4-7, but again with time faults.
Thanks to Louise Smart (agility) and Glenn Smart (jumping) for judging.

April 2011

Combined Canine Society International Championship Show, Saturday 23rd April 2011
Well, how can I describe this day?!
We arrived in good time- not before 11am, happy days, a lie in!
We waited for the Labs, which took some time, then Chacha was the only SWD entered..
The Dutch judge, Mrs R Rault gave us a lovely, positive verbal critique, and we were extremely pleased that she was graded Excellent, with Green Star, BoB and CACIB, her fourth,
making her up to
International Champion! (subject to FCI confirmation)

We waited several hours for Group 8 and after a slightly unconventional pre-judging, went into the big ring at the end of the line, behind the Welshie.
We just couldn't believe it when Chacha was pulled out into the final 8!
Then I nearly died, as she was pulled into the final 4!
The worst we could do now was 4th in Group 8!
As we stood the dogs once more, I listened carefully to the announcer- we were
2nd in Group 8!

WOW! What a day!
Thanks to Italian Group judge Mr Cuccillato for thinking so well of our beautiful brown girl and thanks once again to Diane Philipson for letting us have her!
(Well, we're a bit biased!)

Tuesday 19th April 2011
What a lovely surprise! Along with our Green Star from Celtic Winners, we also received in the post another TWO titles for our Lita!:

Celtic Winner 2011 and Celtic Junior Winner 2011

Banbridge Canine Society, Saturday 9th April 2011 (IKC)
What a WONDERFUL day!
Lita wins her 7th and qualifying Green Star for her title:
Irish Show Champion! (Subject to IKC confirmation)
This makes Lita our first home-bred Champion!

Thanks so much to judge Ger Philpott for grading her Excellent.

March 2011

Lisburn & DDTC, Saturday 19th March 2011
What a great show for our little Lita!
In only her second obedience show, Lita wins 5th in Beginners, Kya wins 6th.
Khizhi and Cockle decided today was TT day, but Chacha came 6th in Novice- the culmination to a long day!

Celtic Winners' Show, Thursday 17th March 2011 (IKC)
What a great show for our little Lita!
Graded Excellent, Green Star Bitch and Best of Breed.
This gives Lita her Celtic Junior Winner 2011 title.
Thanks so much for your kind comments, breed judge Mrs A Long-Doyle (IRL)

Crufts 2011, Sunday 13th March 2011, NEC Birmingham
What a fantastic result for Judi and Mike from Mikudi Tibetan Terriers, BoB at Crufts with their German import, Zara!
Well done both of you!

Crufts 2011, Thursday 10th March 2011, NEC Birmingham
What a great show! Chacha wins 4th (Reserve) in Open Bitch and 4th (Reserve) in Good Citizens' Bitch, so we were absolutely delighted!
Lita showed well at her first Crufts, and enjoyed seeing Rafi her sister, Alan & Sally again!

Bangor DTC Open Obedience show, Saturday 5th March
What a wonderful result! Chacha comes 2nd and Khizhi comes 3rd in a large Novice class (47 entries).
Success also for Adrian with Cockle, 5th in Beginners, and Lita, at her first obedience show so nearly was in the placings, but broke her sit stay by lying down!

Thanks to Sue Biggerstaff for her lovely comments!
"2. Rachel Cooper & Briarlow’s ChaCha at Fivenineplus, SWD, another lovely round, I had never seen one of these dogs before but if they work like this I want one, thank you for taking my comment about a lot of these ‘odd dogs’ are doing well with such good humour. Lost 4 ¾
3. Rachel Cooper & Mikudi Uptown Girl at Fivenineplus, Tibetan Terrier, another ‘odd’ dog! There were several of these Tibetan Terriers at the show today; this one showed them all how it should be done, well done. Lost 5 1/2"

February 2011

Chacha comes into season- only 16 months after the puppies!
Thank goodness, Chacha finally chooses to come into season, which means she'll miss coming in for Crufts, we are grateful for small mercies!!!
Lita's nose goes pink and her coat fuzzes up, time for a No 10 after St Patrick's Day show!!!

January 2011

Christmas 2010-January 2011
Well, the weather doesn't bear thinking about, the snow was awful and then my car was hit in an accident- nothing to do with me, other driver admitted total responsibility, but still waiting for it to be sorted out!
Great start to the New Year- NOT!

December 2010

Show report from Glandore Open Obedience show (30th October 2010),
Judge Jane Wood- thought I would share it with you!

"Novice: 2nd Rachel Cooper MIKUDI UPTOWN GIRL AT FIVENINEPLUS Tibetan Terrier
Lovely level straight position and excellent attention. Unlucky to meet the winner today but I can see that the training has been thorough and with handling of this quality Kizzy will not be in Novice for long. Good luck.
4th Rachel Cooper Ir. Sh. Ch. BRIARLOW’S CHACHA AT FIVENINEPLUS Spanish Water Dog bitch
To get two rosettes in a big class with breeds not noted for obedience prowess speaks volumes for Rachel’s training and handling skills. Like the 3rd placed handler, hol was costly but then ChaCha settled and lost little else. Very well done to you!

Saturday 5th December
Castlereagh & District DTC Open Obedience Show, Ganaway Boys' Brigade Centre
Well, the weather has been so poor that we decided today was not the day to travel, so unfortunately we missed the show! I don't think we were alone, as the entries were low and the whole finished by mid-afternoon! Ah well, tomorrow is another day!

November 2010

Sunday 21st November
Inaugural Junior Champion of Champions, Cloghran (IKC)
Well, another trip to Dublin... around 100 new Junior Champions competed mostly in their 10 groups for the title of Junior Champion of Champions.
Group 8 was joined with Group 7, and although Lita went well, it was not to be... the Vizla came Runner-Up overall, so we were really up against it!
The day was excellently organised, with a hot lunch and refreshments throughout the day, I would definitely recommend it to others.

Saturday 20th November
WTCI Open Obedience and Agility show, Cloghran/ Cloghran All Breeds Champ Show (IKC)
What a day! We were showing Lita, so attempted to keep her clean before showing her, which entailed carrying her across a muddy field and back, twice! Since Adrian had bet me I couldn't do it, I had to do it all by myself, to the amusement of agility competitors north and south!
Lita was graded Excellent and won the Green Star (her 4th) and Best of Breed, so we were very pleased.
Chacha, Khizhi and Cockle were competing in the agility, coming home with a 1st (Cockle), a 3rd and a 4th (Khizhi) and a 3rd in her 'Agility by car headlight' round for Chacha!

October 2010

Saturday 30th October
Glandore Open Obedience Show, Moneyreagh
What a wonderful day!
2nd in Novice with Khizhi, 4th in Novice with Chacha, under judge Jane Wood from England,
thanks so much for your kind comments!
Kya and Cockle decided to be TTs for the day, and Yeshe really enjoyed his Novice round but didn't come anywhere! Great craic was had by all entertaining Jane and Keith after the event, we hope to welcome them back to the Province some time soon in the future!
Well done also to Glandore members Philippa and Millie, who won Beginners and came 3rd in Novice, Louise and Vinny who came 6th in A on their first attempt, and to Angela and Sheba for winning A!

Monday 25th October
Bull Breeds Championship Show (IKC)
Adrian was busy, so I took the two Spanish girls down to Dublin. Not an early start, as we would definitely not be judged before 11, so that was nice!
Chacha was in Champion Stakes, she went well but there were 46 entries!
Lita won her Junior class, graded Excellent, but was beaten for AV BoB by a Champion Field Spaniel.

Saturday 16th October
Portadown All Breed Championship Show (IKC)
Since I had a showjumping commitment, Adrian showed both Chacha in Champion Stakes and Lita for the first time in the breed. She won the Green Star (her third) but went no further in the Group.
Thanks to breed judge Stuart Cummings for his kind comments.
We had a lovely day with Paul, Amanda and Annie!

Sunday 10th October
Mayo & District Open Show (IKC)
Since it was Lita's first beginners' agility lesson, Adrian and Lita went to class whilst I travelled the 340 miles return trip down south to judge Groups 4, 5 and 9.
Had a wonderful day, went over some lovely dogs and the craic was good!
Thanks to the committee for inviting me, I really enjoyed the day.

September 2010

Sunday 26th September
Belfast Dog Show Society Open Agility Show
Adrian and Cockle had a good day, with AW points!
Chacha didn't!!!
(Only two entered due to high entry fees)

Saturday 25th September
Belfast Dog Show Society Championship Show
Well.. no SWD classes, so we were in AV... Chacha did really well in a strong Open Bitch class, full of Champions, she came 2nd.
Extra special congratulations to Lyn & Les and Briarlow's Marley Soul Rebel (Marley), who, having won Open Dog, went on to win AV BoB. They represented us fantastically in the group, well done, Marley and Lyn!

Saturday 18th September
Down & District Open Obedience & Agility Show
Rachel was judging obedience for the first time, so Adrian ran the dogs in agility - had a nasty fall but Chacha got a 6th place in a large agility class....
Many thanks to Carla for stewarding, good job, despite the weather!

August 2010

Sunday 29th August
Newtownards & District Charity Open Show (IKC)
Adrian was stewarding, Lita got BoB under Alex Douglas, but was beaten in Puppy Stakes, so couldn't compete in the Group.

Monday 23rd August
Came home to find Optigen DNA results waiting for us- both Spanish girls
CLEAR for pcrd PRA.

Sunday 22nd August
Red, Black & Golden Cocker Spaniel Group Championship show (IKC)
Lita (Fivenineplus Puntillitas) won her 5th Junior class with an Excellent grade, also RGSB
Thanks to judge Mr B Moran (ROI) for giving Lita her 5th and final Excellent grading...

Lita is now an Irish Junior Show Champion at the tender age of just 10 months old, the first in the breed in Ireland.
Thanks to all the judges who thought well of her, we are absolutely thrilled.

Saturday 21st August
Tralee All Breed Championship show (IKC)
Lita won her Junior class
Judge Mrs A Koskelo

Thursday 19th August
Limerick All Breed Championship show (IKC)
Lita won her 4th Junior class with an Excellent grade, also RGSB
Judge Mr W McEntee (ROI)

Tuesday 17th August
Killarney All Breed Championship show (IKC)
Lita won her 3rd Junior class with an Excellent grade
Judge Mrs Holm Hassen (Den)

Sunday 15th August
Clonmel All Breed Championship show (IKC)
At the first show of the Munster Circuit, Lita won her 2nd Junior class with an Excellent grade
Judge Mr A Kelly (ROI)

Friday 13th August
Well, it was a really unlucky one for us, Chacha managed to injure herself quite seriously on the inside of one of the crates, so had to be stitched... so just our baby to show on the Circuit!!

Saturday 7th August
Bangor All Breed Championship show, Balmoral (IKC)
Lita won her Junior AV class with an Excellent grade, giving her the first of five wins she needs to be made up a Junior Champion. What a relaxing day, just one class to show in- we had refused to enter Ulster Golden Retriever Open Obedience and Agility show, as their entry fees were just too high to put all the dogs in...

July 2010

Saturday 31st July
Glandore Open Agility & Obedience show, Greenisland
Well, one fantastic clear agility round from our Chacha, winning 4th in L Grade 3!
Cockle managed a wonderful clear round in M Grade 3 Jumping, and a 2nd as well, but not clear. This was Cockle's first ever points for her Agility Warrant, so Adrian went home with a smile!
Adrian also was placed 5th and 6th in Beginners with Kya and Cockle respectively, so he had a good day all round!
Chacha won 4th in A obedience and I was pleased that this time she presented me with the scent cloth instead of doing her usual 'I've found it, what do you want me to do with it?'
Special congratulations to Glandore members Jenny with Cindy (TT) and Eileen with Molly (WSD) who qualified today from a strong class for the Scottish heat of the Kennel Club Special Pre-Beginners Stakes, congratulations also to a fantastic 2nd for Philippa and Milly (at only 9 months old) and Amanda and Ethel on their first ever obedience competition round!
After Glenn and Louise had kindly jump-started my car, we managed to join the rest of the club eventually for a great knees up with the judges at the rugby club! Great weekend.

Friday 30th July
Knockagh Lodge, Greenisland
Well, what a fantastic cake for Carl's birthday, good fun was had by all, even though the service was incredibly slow!!! Thanks to all the judges for coming over from England, we appreciate it.

Saturday 17th July
Castlewellan Agricultural Society Open Agility & Obedience show
Well, one clear round from our Chacha, but I threw away a super agility round by eliminating us!
Chacha also did her best heelwork round EVER in Novice obedience, thanks to judge Caroline McAllister for your kind words, but she then threw it all away by breaking her sit stay!

Cockle managed a good round, and if Khizhi would only do her weave right in competition..... ah well!
However, best results of the day were for Kya, winning 3rd in Beginners' obedience and Cockle for winning 4th in Beginners! Go the TTs and Adrian!

Friday 16th July
Chacha chipped and blood tests taken from both the Spanish girls
Our first genetic tests from blood - today we sent samples off for testing in America for PRA...

Show critique from SKC (May 2010): so thrilled!
Just couldn't resist putting up both Lita and Chacha's critiques from their debut at SKC, absolutely fantastic!

Junior Dog/Bitch:
"2 Cooper & Dornford-Smith’s Fivenineplus Puntillitas (Lita), absolute baby, but one with a lot of potential, so very pretty & typical, loved her head & expression, correct coat & body proportions, excellent topline & tailset, correct bone, showed her socks off & moved well for one so young. BP"

Open Bitch: "2 Cooper & Dornford-Smith’s Ir Sh Ch Briarlow’s Chacha at Fivenineplus (Chacha), not an overlarge girl, but she is well made & has style & panache, pretty head & expression with a good neck & shoulders, good depth & width of chest, balanced bitch who is a good mover, both back & forth & particularly in profile, dam of BP & the same good type & quality"

Thanks so much for your kind comments, Pam Blay.

Sunday 4th July
Castlereagh Open Obedience show, Comber
I took Yeshe out for the first time in ages, he was rubbish! Khizhi decided to pee in the ring, so was eliminated, and Chacha was running 3rd in Novice and then decided to break her sit-stay, so a good day was not had by me!
Adrian did well with Cockle's heelwork, but she again pretended never to have done a retrieve before!

Saturday 3rd July
City of Belfast Open Agility and Obedience show, Billy Neill Soccer centre
As I had missed a week being away, unfortunately I had to miss this show, too, so again poor Adrian didn't have a chance to sit down all day!
My dogs didn't go well this time, but Cockle managed a super round of heelwork, leading the Beginners class, before showing her true TT colours and 'forgetting' what a retrieve was!

June 2010

Sunday 27th June
Shane's Castle Open Agility show, Shane's Castle, Antrim
Well, I was away, so Adrian had all the dogs to run himself, which I am sure made this a hassled day!
My dogs didn't do so well, although Yeshe won his Grade 7 Agility class (with faults) and Khizhi managed a 3rd (also with faults), and I gather Jenny really enjoyed running Chacha, some of it the right way round the course!

Saturday 19th June
Swords & District Championship show (IKC)
Under Spanish judge, Snr Duval Sanchez, both our girls were top graded-
given Very Promising, wins the Puppy Bitch class. Chacha, graded Excellent, wins
Best of Breed.
Thanks to our judge for his kind, positive comments and to all our friends in Boston Terriers for their support!
Special congratulations to Mikudi (Mike and Judi Tempest) for their Best in Show win with Kenny!

Saturday 12th June
Coleraine Canine Club Open show: Breed, Agility & Obedience
Whilst the weather was forecast to be bad, we had a good day, with hardly a cloud.
Rather stupidly, I had entered all three disciplines, which I won't be doing again, and had a hassled day running between one and the other! Chacha trained both her rounds in obedience, and won a 5th place in Large Grades 1-5 Agility, but times were extremely tight!
Khizhi didn't manage to avoid elimination all day, but showed flashes of genius and ran like the clappers, so that was good.
Adrian and Cockle were placed 2nd in Medium Grades 2-7 Jumping, but not clear because of time, however Adrian should be delighted, it was a great round.
Huge congratulations to Eileen & Molly, who won into Grade 5 by winning the Large Grades 1-5 Agility class, also to Louise & Ferris for their placing, Glenn & Mutley for their good results, Angela & Sheba for their 4th in Novice obedience and for their agility results, and last but not least to the latest to be 'bitten by the bug', Siobhan and Robin for their first day out in agility, may it be the first of very many!

Sunday 6th June
Lisburn Open Obedience Show & Championship Agility Show, Lisburn Rugby Club
Another average day for FiveNinePlus dogs: Again Chacha and Kya did very averagely!
Chacha managed a clear round but no placings in agility, Khizhi did ok but nothing stunning, Cockle again made it round a course or two!
Congratulations to Eileen & Molly who had a lovely day!
Thanks to some of our lovely (NOT) Scottish friends, a very stressful day was had by all at FiveNinePlus...

Saturday 5th June
Lisburn Open Agility Show & Championship Obedience Show, Lisburn Rugby Club
Another average day for FiveNinePlus dogs: Only Chacha and Kya were entered for obedience, as we couldn't afford to enter them all, and for the first time ever, Chacha wouldn't play ball in either the Novice or the A ring with her heelwork. However, her scent was good.
Kya did ok, but nothing remarkable!
In agility, Chacha put in two clear rounds but no placings, Khizhi did nothing much, and Yeshe, in his one round of the day, decided to have a poo half way round, so instant elimination (in both senses!).
Cockle got round a couple of courses but not well.
It was lovely to catch up with Heidi.

Friday 4th June
Bronze Good Citizen's test, Holywood
After a week of (more or less!) intensive stay training, Lita, at just under 8 months, passes her Bronze Good Citizens' Award, along with 6 other Glandore members. Well done, Adrian and our baby!
Thanks to David Duncan for his testing and his kind words about the dogs and handlers.

May 2010

Saturday 29th May
Ballyrawer Open Obedience & Agility Show, Ganawqy BB Centre, Ballywhiskin
Not a particularly good day for FiveNinePlus: Cockle was awful all day in both obedience & agility, but managed to win a Judge's Special! (more for Adrian's perseverance, perhaps?!). Kya won 5th in Beginners, which was good going, a large class won by Glandore club member Angela Smyth & Sheba.
Chacha was flat as a pancake for most of her rounds- she won 5th in A obedience but broke her sit stay, something which is very unusual for her. She did get a clear Jumping round, so 1 point towards her AW, and a 6th in Agility but with faults.
Yeshe had hurt his claw, so we didn't take him. Khizhi won a 5th in Small Grades 6 & 7, but with faults, so no AW points there... weather a bit rubbish, altogether a bit of a disappointment!
Congratulations to Louise Smart on her first judging appointment, Eileen & Molly for winning into Grade 4, David & Rhum for winning into Grade 6 and Katherine & Brody for winning 2nd in Pre-Beginners' obedience. Glandore's Ribenaberries did well!

Saturday 22nd May
Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show
At Lita's first championship show, she won 2nd in Junior Dog/Bitch & Best Puppy In Breed, thus qualifying her for Crufts 2011! Chacha had a good day, too, winning 2nd in Open Bitch... a very proud mummy drove back to the ferry and collapsed into bed by 11!

Thanks so much to judge P Blay for thinking so much of my two 'smiling girls' and a special thanks to Tracey for all her consultancy work, Alex her dad for his support and Mandy for her capable handling assistance! I actually enjoyed my first taste of SKC and might be back for more one day, perhaps this time with a stopover in a hotel rather than the car, though!

On the same day, Adrian took Cockle, Khizhi and Yeshe to Castleward, Down & District DTC Open Agility show... and came back with 3 rosettes out of 3 rounds with Cockle!!
Sounds as though she took time off from being a TT for a day!

Saturday 15th May
Hibernian All Breed Championship Show (IKC), Cloghran
At Lita's second IKC show, she won Bitch Puppy, Bitch Green Star and Best of Breed!
Thanks so much to Mr R McCoy for kind comments on her quality!

April 2010

Sunday 18th April
Banbridge Canine Club All Breed Championship Show (IKC), King's Hall, Belfast
Lita's first IKC show, with her mother Chacha in season, Lita was alone!
She won Bitch Puppy, Bitch Green Star and Best of Breed!

Good standing puppy!
At just 6 1/2 months old, she must have been one of the youngest in the Group 8 ring!

Lita outside at Banbridge Champ show, 2010
Thanks to local gundog judge Trevor Stewart for putting her through.

Thursday 8th April
Lita is the first of our dogs to be microchipped, thanks so much to Lyle Fleming of Glenburn Vets' for his slick injection skills, she never felt a thing!
Also weighed her while we were there- she's up to 15.8 Kg, it's all that good bone!!!

Lita at home begging for sausage!

Tuesday 6th April
Belfast Dog Show Society Open show/ Open obedience/ Open Agility, King's Hall, Belfast
SUPER NEWS!- at her first show, aged 6 months old on the day, Lita won AVNSC Puppy from an AV Special Yearling class! Competition was really tough, there were 6 entered and some were obviously much more mature than our baby! Absolutely delighted, thanks so much for so many positive comments from friends on the day, she went really well (in THAT ring!) and I was pleased as punch!
A very special thank you to judge, Mrs Greta Ross for her positive comments on the day, it meant so much!
Well done to Darren and Cassie (FiveNinePlus Zambarinas), showing for the first time, unfortunately in the same class!

Lita at home, standing slightly up hill on the grass

At this show, there was also Open obedience and Open agility, but entry prices being so high, we only entered Chacha and Cockle.
Chacha got a clear Jumping G1-7 round in 30.419 secs, which was super, she also managed a 3rd in A obedience, (only the second she has entered, and managed out of sight stays in the pouring rain!) in between me running back and forward to the show rings with Lita!
Cockle was a complete Tibetan Terrier and did nothing to comment upon favourably, either in agility or obedience! Poor Adrian!

Sunday 4th April
Lita swims in the reservoir for the first time, overcoming her initial worries and fetching in the floating dummy, with proud mother Chacha and litter sister Cassie watching!
Too cold (for us humans!) to do much water work!

March 2010

Crufts, 11th to 14th March 2010
Sorry, haven't really been keeping up to date with the web for a while!
Crufts went well, Chacha and I had an amazing round in Novice for the Inter-regional team, losing only 8.5 points, second best in the team overall, we were thrilled!
Chacha did her bit for SWDs on the Saturday, when she spent all afternoon on the Discover Dogs stand- and came Reserve (What an accolade at Crufts!)- shame it was a mock up show in the Ringcraft area, judged by use of a clapometer!!!
Sunday Chacha was showing in Open Bitch, and disappointingly came nowhere!
It was an exhausting and enjoyable week, our feet hardly touched the ground, and it was great to meet up with lots of old friends...

January 2010

Tuesday 19th January
Team Manager confirmed today that me and Chacha have been picked, for the second year running, to represent Northern Ireland on the Crufts Inter-Regional Obedience competition as one of the Novice pairs. We are thrilled, and will be the first Novice on, as NI are drawn first this year! Looking forward to it, all I have to do now is get the time off work (and do some obedience training, we have been a bit preoccupied with puppies for a few months)!

Saturday 2nd January
Lita enjoys herself outside in the snow with the Tibetans, especially her special friend, Cockle

December 2009

Tuesday 16th November
Chacha's litter is 10 weeks old today, and little Lita is the only baby left at home!
Photos here of Lita at 9 weeks old.


Tuesday 17th November
Chacha's litter is 6 weeks old today, can't believe it! They are still growing like mad and putting on lots of weight, and still trying new and different foods mixed in with their dried (soaked) puppy food...
We are making our final decision on which puppy we are going to keep on Saturday- then we can start to match up our lovely people with the puppies, and before we know it, they will be off to their new lives...

Congratulations to Chacha's two sisters who have both had their own puppies since Chacha had hers- Bri with her three beautiful babes and Carmen with her two, quality not quantity!

Go straight to the puppy page for photos and weight information by clicking here!


Tuesday 6th October
Chacha started this evening and very considerately had all six puppies in time for Adrian and I to go to bed!
We have a beautiful litter of 5 girls and 1 boy. Two of the puppies are black, three are black and white and one is gold and white.

The puppies have their own page and webcam here!

Saturday 3rd October
Castlereagh & District DTC Open Agility show, The Patch, near Comber
Unfortunately this date clashed with my school Showjumping commitments, but Chacha had to be looked after, anyway... I managed to make the last class of the day, which finished around 7pm in the semi-dark! Yeshe did a nice round in Grades 6 & 7 Jumping, Khizhi's was less good, mucking up her weave, which was a shame, but the star of the day was Cockle, who won 2nd place in Medium Grades 3-5 with a clear (no jumping faults) round only 8 seconds over the course time, so Adrian was delighted!
Several other Glandore club members did well, including Diane & Lucky, Lisa & Brandy.
Special congratulations to David & Coke, winning 3rd in the Medium Championship class, and Katherine & Brody for winning their first Large Jumping Grades 1&2!!
Still waiting for puppies!


Saturday 26th September
Belfast Open Agility & Obedience show, Balmoral Showgrounds, Belfast
Not a good day, times very short, no surprise there then!

Saturday 19th September
Down DTC Open Agility show, near Dundrum, County Down
Amazing news of the day- with the best round any of my Tibetan Terriers have EVER done, Khizhi, having won her run-off won Novice obedience today, beating dozens of collies and other breeds.
I couldn't really believe it, but Adrian made sure we had champagne for dinner with our Chinese and I spent the rest of the evening in shock!
Congratulations also to Louise and Vinnie, who together won Beginners, our Yeshe, who came 6th in Novice and Adrian & Kya who came 4th in Beginners.

Sunday 13th September
Lisburn DTC Open Agility show, Lisburn Rugby Club
Once again, times too short! Enough said!

Saturday 12th September
Lisburn DTC Open Agility show, Laurelhill High School
Unfortunately, despite some nice rounds, Khizhi was outside the time for all three today. Yeshe and Kya were equally unable to even approach the times, so a very disappointing day for us. Having said that, Kya won 6th in Grade 6 Agility. However, congratulations to several Glandore members who did better, including Glenn & Louise & Eileen, well done you lot!


Monday 17th August - Sunday 23rd August
Dogs In Need Agility show, Suffolk, England
We went straight from Kelmarsh onto DIN, which was a pretty quick journey even with the caravans in tow! The queue to get in wasn't too bad, and we had everything set up in time to go out for a great feed at our usual local haunt with Glenn & Louise.
Briefly, of course Chacha wasn't competing, Khizhi was at home in season with my mum and dad, so it was just veteran Yeshe for me, veteran Kya (doing only 1 round a day) and Cockle (mad!) for Adrian...
How can I say this, Glenn and Louise had a really good week, I had an extremely lazy week, as I had only entered Yeshe for 2 of the four days, and Adrian had a hard work but not very satisfying week, as Cockle got worse over the week, until the last day when she did a whole set of jumps without running out of the ring, so he was pleased in the end.
To see the photos, go to

Friday 14th August, Saturday 15th August, Sunday 16th August
Kennel Club International Agility Festival, Kelmarsh Hall, Northants
So, our second year at this enormous show in England, this time with a young Cockle and a (hopefully!) mated Chacha, who therefore was there for the ride rather than the competition. Since Khizhi thought fit to come into season, I only had my veteran Yeshe to run all weekend, and for the second year running, he represented NI in the Nations Cup! We came 6th in the Jumping, but didn't do quite so well in the big ring in the agility, so the Medium team came away disappointed!
Not so the Small NI Nations Cup team, however, who did very well, coming 3rd in the Jumping with 3 clear rounds, so well done to Glenn Smart and Mutley, Curtis and Pegg and Mary Dolan and Spot.
Mention must also be made of our baby, Cockle, who, whilst she didn't actually complete a whole round all weekend, stayed in the ring and did some lovely sequences, Adrian was very pleased!
To see the photos, go to

Thursday 13th August
SWD day at CJ's!
It was great to see all the SWDs, from young pups up to mature dogs and bitches mixing and playing on the gentle slopes of CJ's garden! Chacha and her sister, Bri, renewed their acquaintance- they haven't seen each other for a couple of years- and Jenny and Sylvia's puppies were SCRUMMY!- I look forward to seeing them as they grow up and following their progress... Special thanks to CJ for hosting our little get together and I hope we will be able to return the favour if you all get your **ses together for Belfast or the Circuit some time!!!

Sunday 9th August
Dive training session, Spanish Water Dog Club, Wymeswold
Alone, as Adrian had had to fly back home for work, I nevertheless decided to make the 300 mile round trip to the Midlands from my mum and dad's to watch the dive training- with Chacha being so recently mated, I could not actually participate, but had a great time renewing old acquaintances and meeting new people, all of whom had SWDs in common!

Wednesday 6th August
Chacha is mated!
Well, there was good news and bad news when Chacha came into season shortly after we arrived in England- at last we could mate her for our very own SWD puppy, but on the other hand, agility was out of the question!
Dog: Prizelands Artic Splash at Simuje
White and black male, born December 2007

PRA eye test clear, Hip score 12
Temperament A1
Photos to come


Saturday 18th July
Tim & Toni Cooper's Wedding, Parracombe, North Devon
What a wonderful, joyous day/ weekend/ week for everyone concerned. It was great to catch up with so many friends and family, and see my baby brother finally get hitched!!! I couldn't ask for a lovelier sister (-in-law) than Toni, and we wish them all the very best of everything in their life together.
The dogs were invited but the weather wasn't great so they didn't get much of a lookin, spending most of the time in the car or being walked by my Gardner cousins- thanks to Sammy and Rob!

Sunday 5th July
Castlereagh Open Obedience show, Comber
Well, off we went for another round of obedience, this time rather relaxing as we could just concentrate on the one discipline. The forecast was awful but it stayed fine all day, with lots of sunny periods, so no complaints there!
Yeshe managed a round in Novice obedience, better than yesterday when I pulled him in the heelwork, so a success of sorts! Khizhi was abosulutely diabolical in her round, the judge suggested I take out a toy, and she completed an excellent training round.
Chacha's off-lead heelwork was quite nice, she only dropped 3 1/2 marks, but she was very sniffy in the on-lead, however this was an improvement on yesterday!
Adrian and Kya won 6th in Beginners, so that was a good day's work!
Cockle did two lovely heelwork rounds ON the lead, the judge said they were the best in the class, but of course she couldn't be let off the lead so close to the C ring! But Adrian was quite pleased with her progress, so a relaxing day for us all.

Sunday 4th July
City of Belfast Open Obedience & Agility show, Dundonald
Well, with our new dog bus, Morticia (black Mondeo estate kitted out for the dogs!), we headed off to the show. Chacha had three cracking rounds in agility, but didn't do her Novice obedience round well at all, but did manage A stays for the first time in the ring, so all was not lost! She managed to win 3rd in a large class Large Grades 1-5 Agility, with a lovely clear round and 18 Agility Warrant points, a great start to to the day.
Khizhi managed to persuade everyone watching that she had never ever seen that pole thing before, but manged to win 3rd in Small Grades 1-5 Agility, and her times were ok.
Little Yeshe managed a very respectable 3rd in Medium Grades 6-7 Agility, but was 0.018 seconds outside the time, so no Agility Warrant points for him! He did manage a clear 6th in Medium Grades 1-7 Jumping, though.
Adrian was stewarding for C, so I attempted to run Kya in Novice obedience, where he actually gained fewer (bad) marks than Chacha, AND he did both stays without breaking them. Later Adrian ran him in Beginners and won 5th, so a good day for this combination.
Cockle did not manage a full round all day, I tried running her in the morning, with the help of my Ribena berry friends (Glandore's answer to bouncers ringside!), but she was not for doing the courses, even for Adrian.
Congratulations to Louise & Vinny who, on their first attempt won Pre-Beginners obedience in style, well done!!!

Friday 3rd July
Kennel Club GOLD Good Citizens' tests, Holywood
Chacha attained her Gold tonight under Wesley McCrum who kindly examined.
Well done to all the other Glandore members who passed their Bronze, Silver and Gold tonight, too.


Sunday 28th June
Shane's Castle Open Agility show, Antrim
An early start, but at least we had managed to get the ring up last night.
As usual, when you're helping to run a show, our dogs' performances suffered I think, Chacha did a complete loop the loop for two out of three of her rounds, Yeshe did one round which wasn't clear, but he was placed with a 5th, Cockle didn't get a round in all day and Khizhi pretended she had never ever seen those funny poles before in her life!
Congratulations to Eileen & Molly and Caitlin & Freddie with some good results!

Saturday 27th June
Shane's Castle Medieval & Countrysides Living Festival, Antrim
At least this year the weather was good to us and we had if anything too much heat for our display this time. Big Clarke kindly did the commentary, and the dogs (and handlers) were absolutely exhausted by the time we finished the hour, but lots of punters came to run the dogs, so a successful event all round.
Just time to whip home and feed the dogs and then out to entertain our estimed judge, Frank Leonard (ROI) and his wife, Heather, which was a great end to the day.

Saturday 20th June
Castlereagh & District DTC Open Agility show, Comber
It started out a very disappointing day for both of us: Chacha and Khizhi didn't seem to be on form, the courses were not for ABCs (enough said!) and Cockle was majoring in her favourite trick of diappearing off at a high rate of knots in the opposite direction from Adrian and the agility course!
However, by lunchtime things seemed to be settling a bit, and Adrian got in his first ever non-elimination round with Cockle (which I missed, as I was at the other end of the field running Chacha). He even got placed 6th in the class! More excitement to come, Kya, now in semi-retirement, managed a 6th in Grade 6 Agility!
Yeshe managed a 4th in Grade 7 Jumping and Grade 7 Agility, but both were outside the time.

Then to top it all, Khizhi won her class Grades 1-5 Agility, thus winning her way into Grade 6!
Congratulations also to Katherine & Brody for winning into Grade 2 and Louise & Vinnie, on their Bronze Agility Warrant.

Saturday 13th June
Coleraine CC Open Agility Obedience show, Ballymoney Showgrounds
Yeshe managed a good on-lead Novice heelwork round, but left the ring to see another dog in the off-lead!
He also managed to do the whole of the dogwalk with a lump of sheep poo in his mouth, and only stopped chomping on it when I grabbed it out of his mouth- hmmmmmmmmm lovely!
Chacha came 6th in Novice obedience, but broke her sit stay for the first time ever in the ring. It was hot, and there was sheep poo everywhere, but where's the excuse in that!?
Khizhi won Grade 1-5 Agility, but was outside the time.
Chacha showed lots of promise in the agility ring, it just never came to anything, and Cockle managed to evade even 6 Glandore members watching for her around the ring to do laps of the field!
Not a particularly satisfying day for anyone, really!

Sunday 7th June
Lisburn & District DTC Champ Agility & Open Obedience show, Lisburn RFC
Rachel ran Yeshe in the Championship class, perhaps for the last time, he was clear in both agility and jumping rounds but just too slow to qualify for the final, which was won by someone from over the water.
Khizhi and Chacha were rubbish in their agility all day, so no AW points there!
Adrian did one round with Kya and retired him for the rest of the day, but did manage to get Cockle round a couple of courses, so the day was not completely wasted!
Khizhi managed to win 5th in Small Jumping Grades 3-5, but this might just have been because there was no-one else to win!

Saturday 6th June
Lisburn & District DTC Open Agility & Champ. Obedience show, Lisburn RFC
Rachel was stewarding and it rained like stink, lucky we took the caravan!
Yeshe had the day off to prepare him for his Champ agility class the next day, and other people (thanks to Adrian, Glenn & Louise) ran the girls, but they were very distracted looking for me, so not a good day for anyone!
Adrian was entered for his first obedience class with Cockle, but missed it as it wasn't announced, but did manage to complete a round of agility with her.

Monday 1st June
Euroshow, Dublin
As Rachel had to go to work today, Adrian gallantly showed Chacha in the Champions class. She was graded Excellent and went very well and she won 3rd.


Sunday 31st May
Euroshow, Dublin, agility
We took the caravan down on the Saturday afternoon, so it was a relatively late start! We had set up at the RDS around 8.30am and the show started at 9.
Yeshe was eligible for the Medium Green Star classes, and got round the jumping qualifier no problem, however he was just too slow to qualify for the agility. So that was the end of his hopes for the first ever Medium Green Star in Ireland!
Khizhi and Chacha won a 2nd each in their respective classes, and little Kya won 4th in the pedigree dogs' class, Adrian was delighted! It was a very hot, very long day for us and the dogs, but we enjoyed the complicated, control courses set for us by our Slovenian judge.
The Irish crowd ran the show well, thanks especially to Liam & Nuala, Mark and his wife, who didn't seem to stop all day. Just a shame about the FCI tyre for our Northern dogs!!

Saturday 16th May
Hibernian Championship Show (IKC)
For the first time, as a practice for the Euroshow next month, Adrian took Chacha into the ring. Under Joyce Crawford-Manton she was graded Excellent and Best Of Breed.
She wasn't placed in Group 8, but she went well for Adrian.


Friday 3rd April
Kennel Club GOLD Good Citizens' tests, Holywood
Mother and daughter duo Khizhi and Cockle attained their Gold tonight under Tracey Douglas who kindly examined (Belfast Dog Training Club).
Well done to all the other Glandore members who passed their Silver and Gold tonight, too.


Sunday 29th March
Newtownards All Breed Champ Show (IKC), King's Hall, Belfast
Chacha showed very well and obtained Best of Breed under Mrs A Stuifbergen Hoetjes from Holland. Although she was the only SWD there, Mrs Stuifbergen Hoetjes made the point that she deserved her BoB, so we were very pleased.

Saturday 28th March
Winter League, The Patch, Comber
Well Cockle made it round again, so Adrian was pleased, both Yeshe and Chacha eliminated themselves which in effect means they are out of the league competition overall!

Saturday 14th March
Chacha's 3rd clear eye-test
I unexpectedly had a day free and just managed to squeeze in Chacha's annual eye-test, since we are planning to breed from her this year.

Sunday 8th March
FiveNinePlus joins up to the KC Accredited Breeders' schem at Crufts 2009
We had been thinking about joining up for a while now, and finally took the plunge!
All we need to do now is take DNA samples from our girls, we do everything else already!

Saturday 7th March
Spanish Water Dogs, Crufts 2009
Antonio went over our Chacha and pronounced her 'beautiful', he also measured her, she comes in according to him at 46cm exactly... We were very disappointed not to be placed, in a large Open bitch class, I really think she was one of the best movers, but hey ho, you can't win them all!
We are delighted to have been there at the first ever showing of SWDs at Crufts- let's hope for a breed specialist next year!

Friday 6th March
Tibetan Terriers, Crufts 2009
Well, we didn't expect anything with our baby Cockle, the classes were big and she didn't exactly help Adrian on the showing front, but we enjoyed our experience...

Thursday 5th March
Crufts Inter-regional Obedience competition
Well, despite being exhausted from the journey and from the 2 hours sleeping in the carpark at Crufts, Chacha did really well, coming in 11th, her first time in the big (and I mean BIG!) ring at Crufts... I was determined right up to the last minute that I was going in to enjoy it, but it was actually quite overwhelming when it came to it... we weren't placed, neither were Northern Ireland, but it is a bit like Trinindad and Tobago competing in the bobsleigh at the Olympics!!!
Congratulations to the only NI competitor placed today, Janine Brownlees and Chloe came 2nd in C Obedience


Thursday 5th February
Snow, snow everywhere!!!
Snow comes to us at last, after a full week of everyone else getting it!
See some photos of the dogs enjoying it here!


Saturday 10th January
Winter League & Sydenham & District CC breed Open show
Chacha takes Best of Breed at the Open show, beating another SWD bitch!
At Winter League, Adrian runs Yeshe and wins 3rd in Medium Agility, Khizhi is in season, so can't go, and he gets his first points on the board with Cockle (first non-elimination).
Because of Khizhi, Kya is difficult (an understatement!)...



Sunday 28th December
Crufts team results
Chacha makes history (I think!) as the first ever Spanish Water Dog to compete as the Novice dog in the Regional obedience team at Crufts!!!
Well done, too, to David & Coke who will also represent Northern Ireland as one of the A dogs.

Saturday 20th December
Try-out for the NI Crufts obedience team
My school showjumping team was competing today in Carrickfergus in the Ulster Schools' Showjumping League, so I just about made the team tryout held in Lisburn.
Chacha did an excellent heelwork round, fumbled the dumbell a bit in the retrieve and did a good recall, stays of course were faultless, so we await Mr McCartney's 'phone call with interest!
There were only two of us from Glandore who tried out for the team, all the best for Adrian and Coke, too!


Saturday 29th November
Agility night out, virtual golf at the 5 Corners, Ballyclare
Some 15-16 members had a great night out playing virtual golf more or less badly!
Jen picked Pelican Hill golf course for the non-golfers, which turned out to be a bit hard, with lots of ravines to get over, but Roly helped out thank goodness! We got through 5 holes all night!
The golfers played St Andrews and did much better, with Lisa only just beaten into 4th place...

Saturday 22nd November
Winter League 2009-09 Round 1, the Patch, Comber
Not a lot to report- Cockle managed two rounds (without the weaves), her first time out in agility,
Yeshe came 2nd in Medium agility.
Congratulations to Louise & Vinnie, who came 5th in Large Dogs' Agility and Glenn & Mutley who came 2nd in Small Dogs' Agility. Better luck next time to Chacha, who went round in lightning speed and got her contacts, but didn't go clear!

Thursday 20th November
Chacha's first jump into the reservoir after her pink ball!
Chacha finally got up the courage to jump into the water after her pink ball, I managed to get a couple of photos but only from behind her! click here!

Third leap in!

Sunday 16th November
The Spanish Water Dog Club's first ever Limit Show, Wymeswold, Leics
I flew out from Dublin on the Saturday night, drove to Daryl and Alex's house (my brother and sister-in-law's) and then went to the show on the Sunday. It was great to catch up with Diane & Doreen (Briarlow), Chacha's breeders, CJ (Nefertari), owner of Chacha's sister Brisa, Jenny Bloomfield (Chasjenka) and Lynn Napier-Wong (Josalyn) amongst many others. I spent all morning sizing up the boys with a view to Chacha's mating next year, but still haven't managed to decide definately!
Best In Show went to Chacha's half brother, confirming the quality in her lines! and the Best Bitch, bred by Lynn was lovely too!
See photos here!

Saturday 15th November
Cloghran All-Breed Championship Show, Dublin
In terms of showing, not very successful, as Chacha missed her class, but Cockle was graded Excellent, so not a complete washout!
In terms of agility, Kya won Introductory Agility and Khizhi won Small Dogs' Jumping, so a bit more to shout about!

Saturday 8th November
Coleraine DTC Open obedience show, Portrush
Well, we couldn't do so well twice in a row, could we?! Chacha decided to say hello to both judge and steward in her heelwork round, then retrieved her dumbell beautifully to the scoreboarder!
Yeshe fell on the floor and rolled around in his recall and Kya broke 3 out of his 4 stays, so a good day was had by all!
Added to which, the weather turned foul and we didn't even get a walk on the beach afterwards!!!

October 2008

Wednesday 29th October
Dog Match, Newtownards
With the snowy weather over the last few days, it took just over 3 hours to have Cockle ready for the match- she really only got to go as it was my half term!
But the work was worth it, as at just 13 months old, she took Reserve Best Adult in Match!

Saturday 18th October
Glandore DTC of Ulster Open obedience show, Sentry Hill, Ballymena
Our club's final show of the year, and Chacha certainly went out with a bang, winning 2nd in a large Novice class, I was delighted! Adrian did OK too, winning 4th in a strong Beginners class with Kya, so quite a good day was had by all! (we'll not mention the other TTs' performances!)
Congratulations to all the other Glandore members who made the day's line-ups so purple!

Saturday 12th October
AITBA AGM & committee meeting, Dublin
Heaven forbid we should get a Saturday off! So off to Dublin we toddled with our good friend Wesley McCrum, to the Shih Tzu Club of Ireland show, followed by the Tibetan Spaniel Club of Ireland show, then the AITBA AGM, then Adrian had to stay for the committee meeting!

Sunday 5th October
Castlereagh & District agility show, The Patch, Comber
The Champ classes were run today instead of yesterday, and true to form, Yeshe embarrassed me once more, this time eliminating himself in both rounds, but at least he was running nice and fast (and he didn't pee on the weave poles, either!)!
However, Chacha, Kya and Yeshe all got warrant points, and quite a few rosettes came home with us, too, so a much better day all round!

Saturday 4th October
Castlereagh & District Championship agility show, Campbell College, Belfast
The most awful weather, show cancelled at around 11am.

September 2008

Sunday 28th September
Belfast DSS Championship show, Balmoral showgrounds, Belfast
Cockle was entered for her first Junior class at her first Championship show, so a big ask all round... but she ended up with a 3rd in Junior bitch, thus qualifying her for Crufts 2009!
This is our first home-bred Crufts qualifier, and the first ever FiveNinePlus dog at Crufts, so let's hope I manage to get the time off work to go!
Thanks to our judge on the day, Mr S Milne.

Saturday 27th September
Belfast DSS Open Agility & Obedience show, Balmoral showgrounds, Belfast
I had only entered my dogs in the agility, as I had planned to show Chacha in the breed classes, but Adrian was entered with Kya in both agility and obedience.
However, I ended up running them in the agility (until I decided Chacha needed to rest), with mixed results- Khizhi did 3 cracking fast rounds, her best result a 2nd, but was faulted all three times in her weaves... Yeshe got a couple of places, but was 14 secs outside the time both times- same old NI story...
Kya had no chance at all of getting a round in under the course time, but did some quite nice weaves, disappointed in the Beginners' stays though, so a bit of a mixed bag all round.
Cockle stayed at home, as her big day was Sunday and I did attempt to keep her at least a bit clean!

Saturday 20th September
Down & District DTC Open Agility show, near Castlewellan
I was needed at a showjumping competition for school first thing in the morning, so Adrian valiantly held the fort, running Chacha and Khizhi before I could join the party around midday.
Due to a last minute change of venue, Adrian was thrilled to meet some llamas and a lovely pig!
Kya pulled out all the stops to win a 4th in Beginners' obedience, completing both stays and beating some stiff opposition, so well done Adrian!

I was thrilled to win an Attitude rosette with Chacha in Novice obedience, under Janine Brownlees who was very complimentary, but I discovered I just can't walk in a straight line, keep my eye on Chacha AND negotiate a fairly steep hill in the middle of the round!

Yeshe won a 5th place in Medium agility but with time faults, but Khizhi got a clear, unplaced agility round, so at least she had two more points to add to her total for her AW!
Unfortunately due to an accident with another dog at the end of the day, Chacha was injured and probably won't be fit to show at Belfast next week, but I suppose that's the way things go!

Thursday 18th September
Cockle is a year old!
With love from their little sister to Gizmo in Bangor, Charlie in Belfast and Suzie in Killyleagh on their first birthdays!

Sunday 14th September
Lisburn & District DTC Open Agility show, Lisburn
The second day of Lisburn's show, and we were back at the original venue, the rugby club... I thought Khizhi had a round clear, but she picked up 5 faults, so no AW points for her, but Yeshe came up trumps with a 3rd in Medium Grade 7 Agility, within the time, and thus scoring 18 much-needed AW points... only 26 to go for his Bronze AW! Chacha did some storming rounds, I managed to keep her out of most of the obvious traps, but she only managed one clear round, on a collie course, so no places.
Still, a good day was had by all!

Saturday 13th September
Lisburn & District DTC Open Agility show, Lisburn
Amazingly, the weather cleared up and the show experienced practically no rain at all, so that was a change! Of course, the ground was quite wet, but it was fine for the dogs to jump on.
Chacha managed a 6th in Large Grades 1-3 Agility, but wasn't clear, cracking round just missed her initial weave entry... Khizhi won both Small Grades 4-5 Agility and Jumping, but neither round was clear, and Yeshe won a couple of rosettes, but got time faults.

Saturday 6th September
Drogheda Championship show (IKC)
Well, we nearly didn't go, as the weather forecast was terrible, and indeed the show started off in wet and windy conditions... however, despite the wind trying its best to sabotage Cockle's hairdo, we won Puppy Bitch, our last as Cockle is soon to be one year old. No puppy groups, so that was our day over, and I have to say we did come home!
The judge, Mr Heflin from the US said she was a lovely puppy, and later in the line-up for Green Star Bitch that she was 'fabulous!', so thanks very much.. now for a whole new life in Junior!

August 2008

Sunday 17th August
Dogs In Need Agility week, Ipswich
Finals day, and David with Coke and I with Yeshe stupidly volunteered to be white dogs in the Medium finals! We enjoyed both courses, and the judge was great, but Yeshe definitely didn't get round in the time!
Louise and Glenn had to leave straight after to get their ferry, but the rest of us hung around watching the ABC and the Large Dogs finals..
Got home to mum and dad's and Cockle about 8pm for a great meal!

Saturday 16th August
Dogs In Need Agility week, Ipswich
Our last day of proper competition, and Yeshe finally got a clear round rosette, especially pleasing since the two courses the day before had been absolutely frightful, and he had about 20 secs time faults in each!
Chacha did more eliminations, and Khzhi actually perked up a bit in her agility round, only to be faulted, so no clear round rosettes for her all week! (VERY disappointing...)

Friday 15th August
Dogs In Need Agility week, Ipswich
Back to the old routine, our dogs didn't do too well, even in the ABC classes, Chacha was unlucky with a weave which was wonky, otherwise did a nice jumping round, but Kya was just too slow, even after a day's rest...

Thursday 14th August
Dogs In Need Agility week, Ipswich- rest day
We basically spent most of the day resting both us and the dogs on camp, spent the evening drinking in the awning and generally being chilled!
This was after Glenn and Mutley did their round in the Small finals- this year they qualified (rather than running as a white dog), so Glenn got a beautiful big rosette for taking part, even though he was just off the places with a nice clear round.

Wednesday 13th August
Dogs In Need Agility week, Ipswich
Yeshe didn't do too well in his classes, although he did seem to be moving a bit better, so thanks, Bev!
Chacha won her only clear round rosette, in agility no less, in between the showers! However, she seemed to think that this would do and won nothing else for the rest of the week, frustratingly!

Tuesday 12th August
Dogs In Need Agility week, Ipswich
Well, our first day at DIN, which seemed a lot better organised than the KC Festival, except that our electricity didn't come on until about 12 noon today! We quickly slipped back into the routine, getting up early to walk courses/ have a shower and then coming back to the caravan to listen to the PA announcements on the radio.
Mutley and Yeshe had a sports massage, and I rested Yeshe for his day tomorrow.

Monday 11th August
Dogs In Need Agility week, Ipswich
On the move again, we arrived about 4pm having got up late and had a big breakfast!
David and Louise and Glenn beat us there, and having sorted our caravan and 'garden', we all went out for dinner!

Sunday 10th August
Kennel Club International Agility Festival, Peterborough
The weather was changeable, but I didn't really notice it, I was too nervous about representing Northern Ireland in the Nations Cup... but Yeshe did OK in the Jumping in the morning, he got time faults but wasn't eliminated, keeping the TT end up!
The agility round was held in the main ring in the afternoon, by which time the pressure was off, as our third team member hadn't shown so we were disqualified, but allowed to run anyway. Again, Yeshe was slow but not eliminated, so I was pleased enough- but not even a rosette to show we were there!
We all celebrated with a fish supper under shelter in the driving range!

Saturday 9th August
Kennel Club International Agility Festival, Peterborough
The weather was rainy again, just to make us feel at home!
Again, we didn't have a good day, but at least I didn't try to walk all 9 courses this time, so I wasn't as grumpy! Louise and Glenn helped, as they doled out gin and tonic in the afternoons to soothe the embarrassed soul!
We were quite shocked to see a judge practising in her ring in the evening before with food, feeding the contacts!!!
Thank goodness Glenn was on the ball, as the teams for the Nations Cup were posted late on Saturday evening, and Yeshe and me had somehow made it onto the Medium team for Northern Ireland- but the third team member was totally unknown to us, so we couldnt' contact her to tell her she was needed, and in the end she just never turned up, so our rounds didn't count in the end anyway!
Glenn, however, had been pinched by the ROI team to run for Ireland in the Small team!

Friday 8th August
Kennel Club International Agility Festival, Peterborough
The weather reverted to type this morning, and it rained on and off pretty much the whole weekend!
I was very hassled, as I had 3 dogs entered, and due to a lack of helpful information, I thought I had to walk all 9 courses this morning at once! The entry cards didn't show which classes were on first in the day, this was left to you to work out, so not a good start!
In fact, the stressful start really set the tone of the weekend in some ways, when we arrived we were told we couldn't go and visit Louise and Glenn, who, having booked early had managed to camp on site, we had to leave our car at the gate and the Smarts had to come and fetch us!
None of the dogs did particularly well on the Friday.

Thursday 7th August
Kennel Club International Agility Festival, Peterborough
Since the camping was full, we had to book in at a site about 6 miles away from the venue, but at least we had our new, bigger caravan plus awning, so life would be a bit more comfortable!
We arrived at the site fairly late on the Thursday evening, and were told to camp in the dog-walking field, but at least that meant we could let the dogs off to exercise!

Monday 4th August
Right on cue, Cockle decides to choose right now to come fully into season!
My long-suffering mum agrees to keep her with her in Hampshire while the rest of us swan off to the Kennel Club Agility Festival in Peterborough, followed by Dogs In Need in Ipswich- thank goodness for mothers!

Sunday 3rd August
Tibetan Terrier Association Fun Day, Bretford Village Hall
The weather was still fine, and what with the fun agility, the fancy dress show, the TT racing and lots of visitors, it was a busy day for all concerned.
We helped Heidi run a session to try agility and were pleased to see quite a number of breed people give it a go, mostly quite successfully with their TTs, lots of them in full coat.
In the evening, having cleared the agility ring away, a large group of us went for a great meal out in the local pub, which rounded off a very enjoyable weekend for us, and we all look forward to the next TTA weekend next year.

Saturday 2nd August
Tibetan Terrier Association Limited Obedience & Agility Show, Bretford Village Hall
The weather was fine, and good fun was had by all, thanks to lots of hard work and preparation by our good friend Heidi Lawrence (Ludgate TTs & BSc). We started the day with an obedience show, just a Novice and an Elementary class, which covered all of the dogs there. As usual, the TTs did a lot of entertaining, with one or two doing quite well, and Yeshe was eventually 3rd in Novice, Kya and Khizhi having done far too much entertaining and not enough concentration on the task in hand!
The obedience was followed by a TT only agility show, with John Leslie ably judging all the classes- he spent most of the day with a smile on his face, which I think is a good thing!
His helter skelter class was particularly good for the more inexperienced dogs, who really enjoyed it!
Khizhi was in most of the line-ups and both Yeshe and Kya got clear round certificates even when they weren't placed, so we all had a great time- shame about my mum's folding chairs, though!
The day finished off with a big BBQ organised by the TTA committee, and I have to admit several bottles of liquid refreshment were also consumed!

July 2008

Saturday 26th July
Glandore Open Obedience & Agility Show, Malone Rugby Club, Belfast
We flew Heidi Lawrence and a colleague from her dog training club, Jane McAfee over from England to help out with the judging, they braved most of the agility section taking them out for dinner on Friday night which I think may have been a bit of a shock!
Anyway, as usual, since we were helping to run the show, we spent most of the day rather hassled and certainly our results were nothing to write home about!
Never mind, the show went well, and a Glandore member won the Special Pre-Beginners' Stakes, so there were some upsides!

Saturday 19th July
Castlewellan Agricultural Society Open Obedience & Agility Show
The weather actually turned out really well, sunburnt faces and heads all round!
Yeshe started his Novice obedience round with some really nice heelwork, but ran out of the ring in his recall over to see the dog in the ring next door- so I took him out!
Chacha won 5th in Novice obedience, her first obedience rosette and on her 3rd birthday!
Kokya broke stays in both his Beginners and his Novice rounds, who knows why!

Agility wise, Chacha and Khizhi were fascinated by the crowds of onlookers and kept going to see them in the middle of their rounds, so we came away with a 6th in Large Grades 1-5, but not clear.
Yeshe won a 2nd in Medium Grades 6 & 7, but not clear, so no agility warrant points!
Kya got in a clear round in Agility, so no rosette, but 2 agility warrant points, so a mixed bag of results all round!
Congratulations to Jen and Doc, who won Small Agility Grades 1-5, Louise & Vinny, who came 4th in Large Agility Grades 3-7, Glenn & Mutley, who did well in all their classes, and especially to Lisa & Brandy who won Large Agility Grades 1-5, and who now move up into grade 5.

Friday 18th July
Briarlow's Carmen's Gundog test
We would all like to congratulate Diane Philipson and Carmen, Chacha's other sister in England, who passed their Grade 1 Gundog test with distinction, scoring 77/80 overall!
Go the Briarlow girls!

Wednesday 16th July
East Of England Championship show, Peterborough
We would all like to congratulate Caroline Johnson and Bri, Chacha's sister in England, who won Limit bitch, RBB and thus qualified for Crufts, well done, love and licks from us both!

Saturday 5th July
City of Belfast DTC Open Obedience & Agility Show, Dundonald
The weather forecast predicted it, and didn't disappoint! A soaking wet morning and early afternoon, I withdrew Yeshe and Khizhi from their obedience class, as I knew they wouldn't perform well in the pouring rain- Chacha however, didn't mind at all, and produced some good work but with people passing close to the ring with dogs etc, she was quite distracted at times, too.
Kya just wouldn't lie down in the pouring rain and wind for his stays in Novice, but did them both in Beginners, so there was something positive for Adrian.
In agility, my day was not too good- 2 eliminations for over-enthusiasm for Chacha, with one round and 10 faults! Yeshe completed all three of his rounds clear, but only one was within the time, the only one he wasn't placed in! (he got a 3rd in Medium Agility Grades 6 & 7, and a 5th in Medium Jumping Grades 1 - 7)
Kya did all three rounds clear, and was in the time for 1 of them, so Adrian was pleased again!
Khizhi ran like a demon, but was eliminated all three times, but I was pleased to see she has her former form recovered after the pups!
Cockle just came along for the ride, but spent most of the day in the car, as it bucketed down!

Glandore member Lousie with Vinnie won a well-deserved 4th in Large Agility Grades 6&7, well done!

June 2008

Saturday 21st June
Swords International Championship Show, Dublin (IKC)
Since we were helping to run the agility show at Shane's Castle, our good friends Wesley and Adeline McCrum (Kaltekhan Tibetan Mastiffs) very kindly offered to take Chacha down to Dublin with them and show her for us. Adeline decided that she would show Chacha, so I dropped her off at 6.15am for the journey down, and raced off home and then to Antrim for the agility show.

Around 9.30am my mobile rang, and Wesley asked me:
"So what is the going rate for a professional handler to take your bitch to her title?"

I was thrilled, Adeline and Chacha, despite the awful weather in Dublin, had won their class, then gone on to win the Green Star, the CACIB and Best of Breed, beating an International Champion bitch over from England!
This makes Chacha an Irish Sh. Champion and qualifies her for Crufts.
She is the first Briarlow's Irish Champion Spanish Water Dog, and FiveNinePlus' first Irish Champion, so a bit of a milestone all round!

Saturday 21st June
Shane's Castle Open Agility show, run by Glandore DTC of Ulster
An early start, as we were running the show, but all in all not too bad, of course I was missing my Chacha, who was in Dublin with our friends, but Khizhi managed two class wins (but due to short course times, no AW points- again!) and Yeshe a couple of rosettes. Kya started off well but got slower during the day...

Sunday 8th June
Castleareagh & District DTC Open Obedience & Agility show
An even earlier start for all of us, this time we attempted to compete at both agility and obedience, and I only missed one class with Khizhi, so we didn't do too badly!
Chacha competed in Novice obedience, and did some lovely heelwork but a very wonky retrieve, but I was very pleased with her. She also ran some extremely good agility rounds, her best being a 10th in Agility Grades 3-7, which she flew round and gains 11 points towards her Agility Warrant!
Yeshe won a few rosettes and had a clear round 6th place, so more Agility Warrant points for him.
Kya would just rather not have been there- it was just too hot and he just didn't want to know, but he came away with 4th in Beginners obedience.
Khizhi was much better than yesterday, but still only managed a 5th rosette for a round handled by Adrian which was slow and stop- never work with children or Tibetan Terriers!!

Special mention today to Lisa and Barkely, who won several rosettes all day and Glenn & Leo, who won Leo's first rosette in the ABC class!

Saturday 7th June
Lisburn & District DTC Open Agility show
Another early start for all of us, we had decided not to enter the obedience show as well, given the distance between the ends of the playing field, so a relatively relaxed day for us!
Chacha did us proud, running a scorching clear round in the All-Ireland Pedigree Agility Dog of the Year, and winning 9th overall- not bad since this was against Grade 7 dogs from all over Ireland, the winner able to compete at Crufts 2009!
Adrian & Kokya also did well, taking home a 6th in Grade 6 Agility against essentially a class full of collies!
Khizhi stole ALL of the treats at 9am in the morning, and was so full she couldn't run a round all day!
Yeshe won a few rosettes, but no clear rounds (mostly time faults), so no Agility Warrant points, but the weather was very hot, a nice change but quite tiring on all of us!

Congratulations to all the other Glandore competitors, full results on the club website, but mention must be made of Jen & Doc's 1st prize, well done!

May 2008

Saturday 31st May
IKC International Championship Show (IKC)
A nasty early start for Chacha and Cockle (and me!)- good job we had time in hand, what with the roadworks and the diversion! We made it there in one piece, and were pleased to win
with Chacha, and all by 9am! The Portuguese judge very kindly gave us a full verbal critique, and we are only one Green Star away from Chacha's Irish title!

Carrowdore Open Obedience & Agility show, Millisle
Meanwhile, back in the North, Adrian took the 3 agility TTs to compete!
A pretty naff day, but we did come home with a 1st in Small Agility Grades 1-5 with Khizhi (but with time faults, even though she won the class- think about it!!) and an 8th in Medium Jumping Grades 3-7 with Yeshe, but again with time faults!

Saturday 17th May
Hibernian Champ. Show (IKC)
A first for FiveNinePlus- despite having received email confirmation of entry, when we arrived in Dublin, we found that neither Chacha nor Cockle was entered! All that way for a heartbreaking waste of hours! That will teach me always to print out my entry confirmations AND bring them to shows....

However, something good did come of it- we attended the inaugural meeting of the
All-Ireland Tibetan Breeds' Association, chaired by Mr Wesley McCrum (Kaltekhan Tibetan Mastiffs).
Attendance was excellent, a committee was formed and it's full steam ahead!

Sunday 4th May
South Tipperary Canine Club Champ. Show (IKC)
Another burning day, we had to be quite careful with the dogs- almost impossible to believe, as we started the morning in wellies, due to downpours during the night! (which of course we heard quite well in the caravan!) The three TTs, Yeshe, Kya and Khizhi were entered in the Beginners' Obedience class, but this just wasn't their day- mind you, it didn't help that some of the show people had been 'exercising' their dogs in the obedience ring before the show started, and then kept walking through the ring with their dogs, their trollies, etc even when the class was in progress! The whole course was conducted around a great big pile in the middle of the ring, and to cap it all, the second obedience ring backed right up against the GSD ring!!!

However, Chacha received another Excellent grading and the Bitch Green Star, judge Dr Z Trainin (Israel), with fantastic movement, she really went well today...

Cockle didn't do quite as well as she had the day before, but was up against much more mature puppies this time, since it wasn't an International show, but still came 2nd in Puppy Bitch, judge Mr S Rooney (Irl)

Just to keep things interesting, as we travelled home, one of the caravan tyres had a blow out- Sunday evening in Ireland on a Bank Holiday weekend and no spare! Thanks so much to our Chow-Chow freinds who saw us at the side of the road and stopped and leant us a trolley jack- we found a man in Kilkenny who could sell us a new tyre, thanks to Adrian's 'phone and the internet, and arrived home only about 3 hours later than expected!

Saturday 3rd May
Fermoy Canine Club International Champ. Show (IKC)
Well, having packed the waterproofs for stormy and rainy weather, once again we were very pleasantly surprised, with the hottest day this year in Ireland so far! It was brilliant sunshine all day, and lots of exhibitors (including myself!) went rather pink round the edges to prove it!
FiveNinePlus had a rather good day, receiving an Excellent grading and then taking the
Bitch Green Star and CACIB with Chacha
The judge, Ms M Dekaristou (Greece), also commented that she was a 'very beautiful girl!'

Meanwhile, Cockle received a Very Promising grading, then Best Puppy In Breed under judge Mr W Haltorf (Germany), followed by Puppy Group 4 under judge Mrs F Somerfield (UK)!

April 2008
Saturday 12th April
Good luck to Glenn Smart & Mutley (JRT)from Glandore DTC of Ulster, who have been selected to represent Northern Ireland for the tryouts for the GB Agility team, competing in Germany in July...

March 2008
Friday 28th March
Chacha's eye-test is clear

Tuesday 25th March
Belfast Dog Show Society Open Obedience Show, Balmoral

All the adult dogs were entered in the Obedience classes, with rather mixed results!
Khizhi was drawn first in the ring in Novice, and spent the whole round with her head on the ground sniffing!
Yeshe went next, and did quite a nice round, coming 6th overall.
Chacha's round was good and she finished 5th overall.
Kya, despite two good heelwork rounds, spoilt his chances of a rosette today by breaking his stays, something he is not usually prone to. Now we could blame the rain, the cold or just his lack of concentration! (I know which one I would go for!)

Saturday 22nd March
Combined Canine International Championship Show, Dublin

With Cockle turning 6 months old just 4 days before the show, we had no idea quite what she would do! With her faithful pal Chacha in the crate with her, she soon settled in well and then went into the ring for the first time to win
Best Puppy in Breed
It was a good day for Chacha too, as she won her first CACIB (tbc) and performed very well in the ring both standing and moving, despite the judge wearing a very strange hat!
We are proud to report that Chacha received an 'Excellent' grade and Cockle a 'Very Promising', so we couldn't be happier!

Monday 10th March
Cockle wins her third and final Puppy Walk, as she is 6 months old soon! Thanks to the Boxer Club of Northern Ireland for her lovely trophy, and thanks to judge June Gould for liking her!

February 2008
Wednesday 27th February
Cockle wins her second Puppy Walk, at just 5 months old.

January 2008
Wednesday 25th January

At her first Puppy Walk, Cockle wins her first rosette, at just 4 months old!

...introducing FiveNinePlus Molly Malone, aka 'Cockle'

Cockle winning her first Puppy Walk, aged 4 1/2 months

Cockle is our first home-bred show puppy, with many thanks to Judi & Mike Tempest of Mikudi for the use of their dog, Schanti's Xandur Lamleh mit Mikudi.

October 2007

Monday 1st October
The two female puppies opened their eyes for the first time!
Check out details and the puppy cam here!

September 2007

Saturday 29th September
Belfast Championship Show
Chacha was showing and trying to participate in the agility, which made it a very fraught day for Rachel.
However, we were pleased when she won
Import Register Open Bitch
Reserve Best of Sex

under judge Mrs Banbury

Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd September
Castlereagh DTC Open Agility show
The TTs didn't do spectacularly well at this show- Kya was off colour and Yeshe did OK, but was too slow to gain a single AW point under the two Northern judges...
However, Chacha won her first agility rosettes, a 10th in Agility (CLEAR!) on the Saturday (with Adrian!) and a 5th with Rachel on the Sunday.
Adrian also went to Dublin on the Sunday to attend the TT Club of Ireland seminar, which included talks by Ken Sinclair (Araki), Mike Tempest (Mikudi).

Saturday 15th September
Down & District DTC Open Obedience & Agility show, Dundrum
None of our dogs did particularly well at this show, Rachel stayed at home with Khizhi, which meant that Adrian was rushing about doing his dog in obedience and the others in agility, but Chacha did do a nice Jumping round...
Other club members did better, check out the results on the Glandore website.

Saturday 8th September & Sunday 9th September
Lisburn & District DTC Open Agility Show
As this show was so expensive to enter, we only took the two boys- in any case, Khizhi couldn't have gone, but it wasn't worth entering Chacha...
On the Saturday, Kya did very well, winning a 5th in Large Grade 6 Agility class, his first rosette for a while! Yeshe won a 2nd in Medium Grade 7 Agility, but with 5 jumping faults!
On the Sunday, Yeshe came up trumps with a 1st in Medium Grade 7 Agility, and a 6th in Medium Grade 7 Jumping.
Thanks to realistic times by the judge Alistair Bailie from Scotland, both dogs won Agility warrant points at the show, even if one of Yeshe's was by 0.16 of a second!!!

Saturday 1st September
Banbridge & District CC Champ Show (IKC)
Chacha won
Green Star & Best of Breed
Thanks to breed judge Mrs Helen Kerrigan (ROI), who commented on Chacha's super temperament and didn't mind being licked in the ring!

July 2007
Saturday 14th July
Castlewellan Agricultural Show, Co Down

Rachel judged the agility competition at this show, so none of our dogs could take part in the agility.
However, Adrian and Kya won 3rd in Beginners obedience
and 5th in Novice obedience.

June 2007
Saturday 30th June
Lisa's 18th birthday party

Although the dogs were invited, we didn't take them to Moorfields, where Lisa and her family were celebrating in style! A good night was had by all!
Happy birthday Lisa!!!

City of Belfast DTC Open Obedience & Agility Show, Billy Neill Soccer Centre
Unfortunately, Chacha was in season and Khizhi appeared to be following, so I only took Yeshe to this show. However, from first thing in the morning, he didn't appear to be very well, so I withdrew him from all competition, and by 4pm we left the show to take him to the vet, where he stayed all night.
I was very pleased to pick him up on Sunday, a night of fluids and rest had done him good, but he was not really back to his normal self until about midweek. Mind you, he's enjoying his chicken and rice!
Kokya performed extremely badly in both obedience and agility, lacking focus and concentration, but then he is the male most affected by the bitches being in season- he'll be back to normal as soon as they are!

Saturday 16th/ Sunday 17th June
Shane's Castle Open Agility Show, run by Glandore DTC

Unfortunately, I was in Manchester for the Saturday's events, but thanks to Louise & Eileen, Yeshe and Khizhi won a rosette each! Our judge was Iain Fraser from England, and I hope he enjoyed his brief visit to NI.

On the Sunday, I competed with all 3 of my dogs, and Adrian with Kya.
There were lots of club members to help out, and Chacha got to meet a distant cousin (Irish Water Spaniel) who was out to watch.
All in all, a good two days' agility fun, and some rosettes to come home with, too!

Sunday 3rd June
Castlereagh & District DTC Open Obedience & Champ. Agility Show,
same venue

What can I say about the weather??!! By 9am we were pretty soaked, but by 11 we were wet through... and by 6.30pm we were quite depressed!
Yeshe was entered in the Championship Agility classes for the first time, and disgraced himself in the first round... I was gutted...
However, Khizhi ran a really accurate, clear round in Grade 1-5 Small Agility and came 2nd, with AW points. She went on to gain more in a Jumping round too, so a wonderful weekend for the Woo.
Chacha had a fantastic round or two, and it was only me taking her the wrong course in the Jumping that spoilt an otherwise stunning attempt...!
Kya was a complete monster in the agility all day, all weekend in fact, but came good in the obedience, winning 3rd in Beginners.

Congratulations to fellow Glandore member Glenn Smart and Mutley Russell AW, who, on their first ever entry at Championship Agility came 3rd overall!

Saturday 2nd June
Lisburn & District DTC Open Agility & Champ. Obedience Show,
Lisburn Rugby Club

Yeshe & Khizhi competed in Agility only, as Rachel was needed for
official Kennel Club Measuring duties;
although Khizhi made it look as though she still didn't think much of the weave, she did quite well and was quite fast.
Yeshe managed a 6th in Grades 6-7 Agility, but was outside the course time.
Kya was doing well in Beginners' obedience, until he broke his stays...
and did some nice clear rounds in the agility, but same old story.
Chacha did lots of spectating, and chose herself a new dumbell, as all the courses had weaves in them!

May 2007
Saturday 26th May
Carrowdore Open Obedience & Agility Show, Ballywhiskin

Yeshe did fairly well today, winning 3rd in Agility Grades 6-7,
Khizhi behaved like she had never seen the weave before, but did a
couple of really nice rounds, if you didn't take the weave into account!
Kya did a couple of really nice clear Agility rounds (and was eliminated in another, as Adrian left out the tunnel!), but due to incredibly short course times, got no credit whatsoever for them...
Chacha did her training stays in Novice obedience perfectly, so that was great, too, and best of all,
Yeshe won 6th place in Novice obedience,
his first obedience rosette in over 3 years- and if he hadn't (extremely unusually) broken his sit stay, he would have done even better!

Saturday 19th May
Down & District DTC, Agility show at Castle Ward

Well, the Senior dogs, Yeshe & Kokya, didn't do too well- "I've never seen a weave before!"...
but Khizhi did quite well, with a 5th in Small Jumping and a 2nd in Small Agility...
Chacha did a great Agility round, all clear... until jump number 12, which "surely you must want me to jump that one over there, too!?" = elimination!!

Saturday 12th May
Sentry Hill Sports Centre, Ballymena

Adrian & Kya won 2nd in Beginners Obedience

April 2007
Saturday 28th April
Ballywalter Game Fair, County Down

For the first time, Chacha and I took part in a 'scurry', organised by the local gundog club at this show.
There were some pretty mocking faces as I entered the ring, but after a flawless pickup and retrieve of the first dummy, and a slower but nevertheless convincing retrieve of the second, there were a few more convinced looking faces!- and we didn't come last, either!

Saturday 14th April
Winter League rounds 5 & 6

Many congratulations to Adrian and Kya, who won 10th place out of nearly 100 dogs of all sizes.
Congratulations also to Glenn Smart and Mutley, who won 5th, both rounds under me in my first taste of judging agility!

Saturday 7th April
Combined Canine Open Agility Show, IKC

Kya completed two clear rounds, despite being slightly off-colour, and Khizhi whizzed round the Agility round, then I eliminated her in the Jumping- but I was pleased, she really seemed to be having great fun!

March 2007
Saturday 31st March
Winter League Agility competition, Comber, NI

Well, all the FiveNinePlus dogs competed at the Winter League, but only Kokya completed rounds, Chacha of course didn't do the weaves, so was eliminated, Khizhi and Yeshe were just not in the mood!!
Better luck next month!

Saturday 25th March
Lisburn & District Canine Club Open Obedience Show

Kya managed a 4th in Beginners' Obedience, the first rosette of the year, and both Khizhi and Chacha completed nice rounds in the Novice class.
(The less said about Yeshe's round the better, you definately need a sense of humour to work with TTs!)

Saturday 17th March
Celtic Winners Show (IKC)

Kya & Khizhi were competing in the agility, and I was very proud that Khizhi, with a lovely, fast clear round beat many other Small dogs to win 4th in the Small Dogs Jumping round.
Mention must be made of Kya, too, who completed two clear rounds in the Large dogs section, just outside the rosettes.

Friday 16th March
Kennel Club Good Citizen's Awards

Tonight, Khizhi passed her Silver KCGC Award,
whilst Chacha passed her Bronze KCGC Award.
Both were examined by Tracey Douglas, City of Belfast DTC, thanks Tracey!

February 2007

Sunday 25th February
Newtownards & District Canine Club Championship Show (IKC)

Chacha wins RBOB AV Gundog,
CAC Excellent

Saturday 10th February
Sydenham & District Canine Club Open Show

In the first show of the year, Chacha wins
Best Imported Register
She beat 4 Dogue de Bordeaux in her biggest class ever, under judge
Ms Rachel Shaw-Rainey (Starchelle).
The judge commented on her great movement and the fact that she
is 'just put together so well', thanks very much Rachel.

BIG NEWS: confirmation received from the SWD club (UK) that the breed will received full status from 1st January 2008. This means that their first Crufts will be in 2009.
Thanks to all of the committee and members of the SWD club who have worked so hard, and SO LONG for this day! (and my friends Glenn & Louise might just stop calling them mongrels now!!)

Chacha would like to congatulate her litter sister, Bri
on her wonderful win at Manchester Championship show... go the brown girls!

January 2007

Well, firstly FiveNinePlus wishes all its friends a wonderful and happy 2007.

The results from the Winter League competition, Saturday 10th December 2006 are in, and apart from Khizhi (who came into season unexpectedly early), all the dogs did very well- Chacha was eliminated from her two rounds, as she hasn't quite mastered the notorious weaves yet, but both Yeshe and Kokya gained points on their way in the league competition... we look forward to competing in the next round of the league on Saturday 12th January...

October 2006

Saturday 21st October
Portadown All Breed (IKC) Championship Show

Chacha wins
Junior Bitch
Best of Breed, and her 1st Green Star
Judge Sr J Doval (Sp)

The judge said she was 'lovely',
commenting also on her excellent movement and her
fantastic temperament, qualities which in his opinion can be a
problem with the breed in Spain
- you can imagine
how chuffed I was!

Sunday 1st October
Castlereagh & District DTC

Yeshe, Kya and Khizhi win a variety of agility rosettes:
Khizhi wins 2nd in Small Novice Agility & 3rd in Small Novice Jumping,
Kya wins 3rd in ABC Jumping and 5th in ABC Agility classes
Yeshe wins 5th in Medium Senior Jumping & Agility
& Medium Open Jumping,
and gets a clear round in Medium Open Jumping

September 2006

Saturday 30th September 2006
Belfast DSS Open Agility Show

Yeshe, Kya and Khizhi win a variety of agility rosettes,
Kya particularly wins 3rd in Large Senior Agility
and 4th in Large Open Agility classes

Friday 29th September 2006
Belfast Dog Show Society Championship Show

Chacha wins
Reserve Best of Sex

Friday 15th to Monday 18th September 2006
The dogs spent their second weekend away from us, as we flew to England to celebrate my parents' Ruby Wedding Anniversary- thanks so much to Louise, Glenn, Brenda, Vinnie, Ferris, Mutley and Leo for putting up with them all!

Tuesday 5th September
NI Boxer Club Match, Dunmurry

Chacha wins
Best Beaten in Match

Saturday 2nd September
Drogheda All Breed Championship Show (IKC)

Chacha wins
Best AV Gundog

Judge Mrs R McCarrie-Beattie (Irl)

August 2006

On returning home from holiday in England, Adrian & Kya receive their official Kennel Club certificate awarding Kya (Mikudi Kokya at FiveNinePlus) the obedience title Beg Ex.
He makes history as he is definately the first Tibetan Terrier in Northern Ireland, if not the UK, to win this title, and is now to be permanently known as
Mikudi Kokya at FiveNinePlus Beg Ex.

Dogs In Need Agility Show, Suffolk, England
We decided to go with 3 other Glandore members to thi show where over 4000 dogs compete on 4 days in a week...
During the show, with us having the only participating Tibetan Terriers, Rachel & Khizhi managed to win a 1st Clear Round rosette, and a Clear Round rosette, and Rachel & Yeshe managed a Clear Round rosette.
Chacha came into season the day before the competition, and had to be left in Portsmouth with my mum and dad for the week, so she missed it, but there were no Spanish Water Dogs there, either (one Lagotto...).
Very tiring but highly enjoyable!

Sunday 6th August
Dun Laoighaire Ch Show (IKC)

Chacha won SWD Junior Dog/ Bitch
Khizhi suprised us all by winning 4th in Small Dogs Open Agility!

July 2006

Saturday 29th July
Glandore DTC Open Obedience & Agility show, Belfast

A good day for Rachel, with Khizhi winning a 2nd in Small Novice Agility and a 2nd in Small Novice Jumping, and Yeshe winning 3rd in Medium Open Agility, 1st in Medium Seniors Agility, 5th in Medium Open Jumping.
Chacha had a great time jumping the practice jumps and running away with her retrieve article in her obedience round.
Despite the rain, a good day was had by all.

Sunday 23rd July
Chacha begins her agility training, now she's 1!

Saturday 15th July
Castlewellan Agriculural Society Open Obedience & Agility show
Adrian and Kokya WIN their Beginners Obedience class,

Rachel & Yeshe win 4th in Medium Open Agility and 2nd in Open Jumping,
Rachel & Khizhi win 3rd in Small Novice Agility

Monday 3rd July
Chacha attends her first-ever Gundog training evening, at Craigavon Lakes.
More to come on that score!

Saturday 1st July
City of Belfast DTC Open Obedience & Agility show, Dundonald

Adrian & Kya get 4th in Beginners Obedience, would have come 2nd,
only Rachel distracted Kya accidentally from outside the ring, big apologies.
Rachel & Yeshe won 2nd in Medium Open Agility, 4th in Medium Open Jumping
Khizhi nearly got a good fast round in Small Open Jumping, but I made her go wrong- my fault again!

June 2006
Saturday 24th June
Coleraine DTC Open Obedience & Agility show, Portrush

Adrian & Kya getting 4th in Beginners Obedience
Rachel & Yeshe won 2nd in Medium Open Agility, 4th in Medium Open Jumping
and Khizhi didn't compete in the agility, but was raring to go for the Jumping, and got eliminated!

Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th June
Shane's Castle Country Lifestyle & Medieval Festival

Adrian & Kya and Rachel & Yeshe and Khizhi came home with a few rosettes and smiles on their faces!
Notable wins included
(her 1st ever 1st place in agility) in Small Novice Agility,
Yeshe winning Medium Seniors Jumping,
Adrian & Kya getting 3rd (with Warrant points!) in Large Open Jumping

Sunday 11th June
Clipped off Khizhi and Chacha into their summer coats!

Chacha enjoying retrieving in our local reservoir

Chacha retrieving- before I clipped the coat off!

Sadly we missed the show in Dublin on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th June, as
we just can't trust the car that far! Hopefully it'll be sorted out very soon...

Castlereagh & District DTC Championship Agility & Open Obedience show,
Sunday 4th June
Adrian & Kokya win 4th in Beginners Obedience
Rachel & Yeshe win Medium Seniors Jumping,
Rachel & Khizhi win 3rd in Small Novice Jumping with a clear round,
Khizhi's first rosette in competition- I'm so proud!

Lisburn & District DTC Championship Obedience & Open Agility show,
Saturday 3rd June
Adrian & Kokya win 4th in Beginners Obedience
Rachel & Yeshe win Medium Seniors Agility

Friday 2nd June
Khizhi (finally) passes her Bronze Kennel Club Good Citizen's Award, at the second attempt.

May 2006

Down & District DTC,
Saturday 20th May

Rachel & Yeshe win 1st in Medium Seniors Jumping,
2nd in Medium Seniors Agility (only clear round!)
2nd in Medium Open Agility,
5th in Medium Open Jumping

Ballymena DTC Open Obedience & Agility show,
Saturday 13th May

Adrian & Kokya win 3rd in Beginners Obedience,
Adrian & Yeshe win 3rd in Open Medium Jumping (Rachel was sick!)

April 2006

Down & District DTC Open Obedience Show,
Saturday 29th April

Adrian & Kokya win 3rd in Beginners Obedience

Ulster Fox Terrier Club Open Obedience Show,
Tuesday 18th April

Adrian and Kokya win 4th in Beginners Obedience

Newsletter, 19th April 2006

and Khizhi gets in the paper, despite doing a 'sniffy' round in Novice obedience, click to see the large version of the photo!

Easter Monday, 17th April
Chacha takes her first lesson in retrieving in the sea at Crawfordsburn Country Park- she didn't know quite what to make of the waves at first, but was still as enthusiastic as ever! Our nephews Hayden and Kieran also enjoyed their afternoon at the beach throwing things for her and Khizhi... and it only rained at the end!

March 2006

LIsburn & District DTC Open Obedience Show,
Saturday 25th March

Adrian and Kokya win 2nd in Beginners Obedience!

St Patrick's Day International (IKC) Championship Show,
Saturday 18th March

Chacha takes 2nd in Puppy Bitch

February 2006

At her first IKC show,
Newtownards & District Canine Club All Breeds Championship Show,
Sunday 26th February

Chacha wins
Best AV Gundog NSC
(Judge Mr T Pascoe, UK)

At Chacha's first (KC) show,
Sydenham & District Canine Club Open Show,
11th February in Carrickfergus

Chacha wins
Best Imported Register
(Judge Mrs J McAvoy, UK)

January 2006
Chacha takes her first real swim in our local reservoir with her mate Vinnie.
Photos to come.
Khizhi is eye-tested successfully (clear from GPRA & PLL) on 9 January.
Interim breed standard for SWDs added to KC website.