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December 2011

25th December 2011
All the very best wishes to all our friends for the season and for the New Year, may it be everything you wish for! XXX

Newtownards and District CC, Christmas match
Wednesday 21st December 2011
Katherine and Ruffus' first dog match, with Paula and Diva and Judi and Toddy!
Congratulations to Mandy and Nora (beardie baby), winners of the Puppy class.

Castlereagh & District DTC Open obedience show, Ganaway,
Saturday 3rd December 2011
What a fabulous day for Adrian (and for Glandore)-
Adrian WON Beginners' with Kya, 2nd with Lita, with Katherine and Brody 3rd, Jenny & Cindy 5th!
Chacha was doing really well in A, but came out of the ring to Adrian when a puppy cried, so ended up in 6th, then lost her run-off in Novice to come 4th.
What a lovely end to the season!
(I think at 12 and a bit grumpy Adrian might retire Kya on a high note!) - that's Adrian and Lita/ Cockle into Novice!

November 2011

Coleraine DTC Open obedience show, Portrush,
Saturday 12th November 2011
We were entered, but unfortunately I had a showjumping commitment which went on till the afternoon, so we missed the show.

Adrian returns, finally from England...
Unfortunately, no successful mating for Chacha, so no New Year's puppies...
Very disappointed.

October 2011

Glandore DTC of Ulster Open obedience show, Moneyreagh Community Centre,
Saturday 29th October 2011
CWell, with Chacha in season and in England with Adrian, I had only Khizhi to run for myself, and all the paperwork to look after, since Adrian wasn't there!!
Jenny very kindly agreed to take Lita into the Beginners' class, she was lying second until she refused point blank to lie down for her down stay, no idea why not! Maybe she was missing her daddy! She went ok for me in the Novice ring, but not well enough to be placed.
I took Cockle into the Novice ring, what a disaster!
Khizhi wasn't on form, either so a bit of a nothing show for my dogs!
Huge congratulations to David and Rhum for winning Novice!

Castlereagh & DDTC, Open Agility show, The Patch,
Sunday 2nd October 2011
The last show of the agility season, foul weather, but never mind!
Lita, clear round, Large 1-5 Jumping
Chacha, clear round, Large 1-3 Jumping
Cockle, 2nd place, Medium 1-5 Jumping
Khizhi, 6th place, Small 4-7 Jumping
Khizhi, 2nd place, Small 6 Graded Jumping

Castlereagh & DDTC, Championship Agility show, The Patch,
Saturday 1st October 2011
Cockle, 4th place Medium 1-5 Jumping (clear)
Cockle, 4th place Medium 1-3 Jumping
Khizhi, 5th place Small 4-6 Jumping (clear)
We ran the Jumping ring, so quite difficult to concentrate on what was going on, also I was late, as my school's showjumping teams were competing.

September 2011

Belfast Dog Show Society Open Obedience & Agility show, King's Hall Belfast,
Sunday 25th September 2011
An expensive show to enter, but we still had Cockle, Khizhi, Chacha & Lita entered.
Chacha, 4th place, Large 1-3 Agility (clear)
Cockle, 1st place, Medium 1-5 Agility
Khizhi, 2nd place, Small 6&7 Agility (clear)
Khizhi, 3rd place, Small 4-7 Agility
Chacha, 4th place, Large1-3 Jumping
Cockle, 1st place, Medium 1-3 Jumping
Lita won Beginners' obedience, but was given a 2nd place, which was good for Adrian as he didn't really want to win out yet! But well done the baby!

Belfast Dog Show Society, King's Hall Belfast,
Saturday 24th September 2011
We were showing Chacha and Lita today, so didn't enter either obedience or agility.
The girls showed well, but were beaten in AV Gundog, going 2nd and 3rd.
However, met some really friendly people and chatted about Spanish Water Dogs all day!
Congratulations to Katherine and Brody who won into Grade 4 agility today.

Down District DTC Open Obedience and Agility show, Dundrum,
Sunday 17th September 2011
A great day weatherwise, I am pleased to report that Lita was back to full fitness after her accident.
This was the first show that Adrian tried her at full height again, and she was absolutely fine, thank goodness! Thanks so much to everyone who wished her well whilst she was laid up.
Lita, 6th place, Large 1-3 Agility,
Cockle, 2nd place, Medium 1-5 Jumping,
Cockle, 4th place, Medium 1-3 Jumping

Lisburn & District DTC Open Agility show, Lisburn Rugby Club,
Sunday 11th September 2011
As Adrian was judging jumping at this show, I couldn't compete, so I went along for a nosy, ended up doing some obedience training in the training ring- great idea, thanks for running it, Patricia and Suzanne.

Lisburn & District DTC Open Agility show, Down Royal Race Course,
Saturday 10th September 2011
Unfortunately, I had to fly to England for a funeral on the Friday, so we arrived late on the Saturday morning from the airport, missng all the lower classes for Chacha, Lita and Cockle!
Khizhi, 6th place, Small 6&7 Agility,
Khizhi, 5th place, Small 1-7 Agility,
Chacha, clear round Large 1-7 Jumping,
Khizhi, 4th place, Small 6&7 Jumping,
Khizhi, 4th place, Small 1-7 Jumping

August 2011

British Agility Association Agility show, England, Saturday 13th August 2011
Well, we didn't enter Khizhi or Cockle, Yeshe and Kya were back in NI being looked after by a friend, so Adrian and I went with Chacha and Lita only for the show... since her accident, Lita couldn't compete, so it was all down to Chacha!
The heights are a bit different under BAA, but we chose to put Chacha into the larger of the two, since this is closest to what she jumps under KC rules. BAA rules also put fences further away from each other, so there's lots of running to do!!!
Can you believe it, we looked around at 10 and saw... another SWD!
Chacha went clear three times out of her four rounds, with one elimination (skipped a fence to catch me up!), a good day was had by all, with 3 clear round rosettes and a 3rd place with medal!

July 2011

Glandore DTC of Ulster Open Obedience & Agility show, Greenisland, Saturday 30th July 2011
Well Khizhi was in season, Yeshe and Kya are now retired, so Adrian and I went with Cockle and Chacha only for the show...
Chacha went clear twice out of her four agility rounds, with no placings, did a storming (silent) heelwork training round and scent in A and missed her Novice stays, but did come 3rd in the Special Charity C class, not bad for a Novice ABC dog! Thanks so much to judge David Marshall for all his hard work in preparation for this fun clas, which included heelwork in flippers, goggles and mask and Distance Control wearing a large blowup rubber ring!
Adrian did two agility rounds with Cockle, one of which I saw, it was great, but had to leave early to collect Lita from the vets'.
Thanks to Karen Bleakley and Cheryl Harkness for judging the agility, Gemma Lewis, David Marshall and Lyn Jamison for judging us in Obedience.

Friday 29th July 2011
Sadly, Lita was hit by a car this evening. The vets are sure she has no broken bones, but she does have two large wounds on her back leg which have been stitched. We are hoping and praying that she will make a full recovery in time, but of course will be out of the rings for some weeks/ months.

Sligo Championship Show, Saturday 16th July 2011
I enjoyed my first Green Star judging appointment, and got in before the heavens opened!
Thanks all who entered.

Many congratulations to Christate for DGS with Joey and Mikudi for BGS and BoB with Zara.

Ladies Kennel Association Championship Show, Saturday 9th July 2011
Well, what a day for our baby Lita!
Under breed judge, Mrs P Geoghan, Lita was graded Excellent and GSB and Best of Breed, beating her mother!

Then in the Group 8 ring under the same judge, she won 4th in Group!
We were delighted, our first Group placing with our baby!
Thanks to all our show friends for their kind congratulations.

Castlereagh DTC Open Obedience show, Sunday 3rd July
Well, a relaxing day at Cooperhill with only two rings to worry about!
Chacha did a nice round in A including a convincing scent and came 4th, so I was very pleased. She also managed a lovely round in Novice, losing points for touching my hand, but really positive, thanks Doreen for your kind comments. She lost a run-off for 5th, so came 6th in a non-collie line-up 1st to 6th (very unusual indeed)!
Cockle was a complete TT all day, didn't actually finish either her Beginners or Novice rounds!
Kya came 2nd in Beginners.
Khizhi wasn't in the mood for either Novice or A, so came nowhere!
Well done also to the only other Glandore members at the show, David and Jenny.

City of Belfast DTC Open Obedience & Agility show, Saturday 2nd July 2011
Well, a good day in terms of weather for the dogs, it was overcast all day...
Cockle was a monster nearly all day, in both agility and obedience, Kya did his Beginners' round but reluctantly!, Lita was a good girl but didn't make a clear, Chacha was so up for it in agility that she didn't get a clear round all day, but wasn't she having fun!! and Khizhi got a couple of rosettes but also didn't have a clear round all day!
Thanks to Catherine Cable (agility) and Sammy McCracken (jumping) for judging.
The old men stayed at home all day and no doubt slept!
However, great evening at Lisa and TJ's engagement party, many congratulations to you both! :)

June 2011

Shane's Castle Open Agility Show, Sunday 26th June 2011
We were running the show, so as usual, quite a hectic day for all concerned.
Chacha was 4th in Large Grades 1-3 Agility, but not clear.
Khizhi was 2nd in Small Grades 1-7 Agility, with 5 faults, 2nd in Small Grades 5-7 Jumping with time faults.
Thanks to judges Becky McMullan (agility) and Caitlin Strain (jumping).

Castlereagh & District DTC Open Agility Show, Saturday 18th June 2011
A good day after all, the forecast was awful and it really only rained at the end of the day when we were packing away.
Chacha was 6th in Large Grades 1-4 Agility, but with 5 faults.
Cockle was 3rd in Medium Grades 1-5 Agility but 5 faults and time faults.
Khizhi WON Small Grade 6 Agility with a clear round!
Chacha wasn't placed but had a clear round in Large Grades 1-5 Jumping.
Lita wasn't placed but had a clear round in Large Grades 3-7 Jumping.
Cockle was 6th in Medium Grades 1-5 Jumping with faults.
Khizhi was 3rd in Small Grades 3-7 Jumping with a clear round!
Khizhi also managed a 2nd in Gamblers, which was more by luck than judgement, if I'm honest! :)
Thanks to Peter Dall (agility) and Tracey Russell (jumping) and David Duncan (gamblers) for our results.

Coleraine CC Open Obedience & Agility Show, Saturday 11th June 2011
Members of the agility fraternity ran the show to enable the competition to go ahead. Special thanks to Louise Smart who scribed all day...
Lita was 6th in Large Grades 3-7 Agility, her first agility rosette, so Adrian was thrilled!
Khizhi was 4th in Small Grades 6-7 Agility, but with over 20s time faults!
Khizhi was also 6th in Small Grades 3-7 Agility, but again with time faults.

Khizhi was 4th in Small Grades 6-7 Jumping, but with faults.
Thanks to Glenn Smart for judging.

Lisburn & DDTC Open Obedience Show, Sunday 5th June 2011
Nothing much to report- Chacha came 6th in A, the only Irish competitor to place!

Lisburn & DDTC Champ Obedience & Open Agility Show, Saturday 4th June 2011
With the entry fees being so high for both of us to enter, we entered agility on the Saturday and obedience on both days as the entry was capped, but Adrian competed both days with Kya, I concentrated on agility only on the Saturday.
Cockle was 5th in Medium Grades 3-5 Agility, but with faults.
Cockle was 2nd in Medium Grades 3-5 Jumping, but not clear.
Thanks to Lisa Devlin (agility) and Sam Butchart (jumping) for judging.

May 2011

Ballyrawer DTC Open Obedience & Agility Show, Saturday 28th May 2011
No results to report- great show for FiveNinePlus!! - or NOT!
Judge Michael McCartney (agility).

(Castleward) Down & District DTC Open Agility Show, Saturday 21st May 2011
Khizhi was 3rd in Small Grades 6-7 Agility, but with time faults.
Khizhi was also 4th in Small Grades 4-7, but again with time faults.
Thanks to Louise Smart (agility) and Glenn Smart (jumping) for judging.

April 2011

Combined Canine Society International Championship Show, Saturday 23rd April 2011
Well, how can I describe this day?!
We arrived in good time- not before 11am, happy days, a lie in!
We waited for the Labs, which took some time, then Chacha was the only SWD entered..
The Dutch judge, Mrs R Rault gave us a lovely, positive verbal critique, and we were extremely pleased that she was graded Excellent, with Green Star, BoB and CACIB, her fourth,
making her up to
International Champion! (subject to FCI confirmation)

We waited several hours for Group 8 and after a slightly unconventional pre-judging, went into the big ring at the end of the line, behind the Welshie.
We just couldn't believe it when Chacha was pulled out into the final 8!
Then I nearly died, as she was pulled into the final 4!
The worst we could do now was 4th in Group 8!
As we stood the dogs once more, I listened carefully to the announcer- we were
2nd in Group 8!

WOW! What a day!
Thanks to Italian Group judge Mr Cuccillato for thinking so well of our beautiful brown girl and thanks once again to Diane Philipson for letting us have her!
(Well, we're a bit biased!)

Tuesday 19th April 2011
What a lovely surprise! Along with our Green Star from Celtic Winners, we also received in the post another TWO titles for our Lita!:

Celtic Winner 2011 and Celtic Junior Winner 2011

Banbridge Canine Society, Saturday 9th April 2011 (IKC)
What a WONDERFUL day!
Lita wins her 7th and qualifying Green Star for her title:
Irish Show Champion! (Subject to IKC confirmation)
This makes Lita our first home-bred Champion!

Thanks so much to judge Ger Philpott for grading her Excellent.

March 2011

Lisburn & DDTC, Saturday 19th March 2011
What a great show for our little Lita!
In only her second obedience show, Lita wins 5th in Beginners, Kya wins 6th.
Khizhi and Cockle decided today was TT day, but Chacha came 6th in Novice- the culmination to a long day!

Celtic Winners' Show, Thursday 17th March 2011 (IKC)
What a great show for our little Lita!
Graded Excellent, Green Star Bitch and Best of Breed.
This gives Lita her Celtic Junior Winner 2011 title.
Thanks so much for your kind comments, breed judge Mrs A Long-Doyle (IRL)

Crufts 2011, Sunday 13th March 2011, NEC Birmingham
What a fantastic result for Judi and Mike from Mikudi Tibetan Terriers, BoB at Crufts with their German import, Zara!
Well done both of you!

Crufts 2011, Thursday 10th March 2011, NEC Birmingham
What a great show! Chacha wins 4th (Reserve) in Open Bitch and 4th (Reserve) in Good Citizens' Bitch, so we were absolutely delighted!
Lita showed well at her first Crufts, and enjoyed seeing Rafi her sister, Alan & Sally again!

Bangor DTC Open Obedience show, Saturday 5th March
What a wonderful result! Chacha comes 2nd and Khizhi comes 3rd in a large Novice class (47 entries).
Success also for Adrian with Cockle, 5th in Beginners, and Lita, at her first obedience show so nearly was in the placings, but broke her sit stay by lying down!

Thanks to Sue Biggerstaff for her lovely comments!
"2. Rachel Cooper & Briarlow’s ChaCha at Fivenineplus, SWD, another lovely round, I had never seen one of these dogs before but if they work like this I want one, thank you for taking my comment about a lot of these ‘odd dogs’ are doing well with such good humour. Lost 4 ¾
3. Rachel Cooper & Mikudi Uptown Girl at Fivenineplus, Tibetan Terrier, another ‘odd’ dog! There were several of these Tibetan Terriers at the show today; this one showed them all how it should be done, well done. Lost 5 1/2"

February 2011

Chacha comes into season- only 16 months after the puppies!
Thank goodness, Chacha finally chooses to come into season, which means she'll miss coming in for Crufts, we are grateful for small mercies!!!
Lita's nose goes pink and her coat fuzzes up, time for a No 10 after St Patrick's Day show!!!

January 2011

Christmas 2010-January 2011
Well, the weather doesn't bear thinking about, the snow was awful and then my car was hit in an accident- nothing to do with me, other driver admitted total responsibility, but still waiting for it to be sorted out!
Great start to the New Year- NOT!

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