Our Dogs

Tibetan Terriers:
We currently own four Tibetan Terriers;
Yeshe , Kokya, Khizhi and Cockle.

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Alilah Yves at FiveNinePlus (Yeshe)
Yeshe is our oldest TT, born 27th June 1999, and was our first show dog. He is still top dog in our house, and whilst retired from showing, is still active in both obedience and agility.

Mikudi Kokya at FiveNinePlus (Kokya)
Kokya is Adrian's first dog, born 9th February 2000. He is thus only 8 months younger than Yeshe, and they are generally firm friends, except when anyone's in season! He qualified several times for Crufts and is also currently active in obedience and agility.

Mikudi Uptown Girl at FiveNinePlus (Khizhi)
Khizhi is our young TT bitch, born 22nd July 2003. She keeps the boys on their toes, and is the first of our dogs to be entirely clicker trained. She qualified for Crufts in 2006 and is active in both obedience and agility.

FiveNinePlus Molly Malone (Cockle)
Cockle is our first home-bred show puppy, born 18th November 2007, so she is very special. Her mother is Khizhi, her father is Mikudi's German import Lamleh dog, Schanti's Xandur Lamleh mit Mikudi, now living in Northern Ireland.

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Yeshe at Carrowdore before being clipped off
Kya ready for Crufts 2003
Khizhi looking cute at Castlewellan show 2005
Chacha at Sydenham show

Spanish Water Dogs:

Chacha has her own pages, please use the links to move there directly.

Int Ch/ Ir Sh Ch Briarlow's Chacha at FiveNinePlus (Chacha)
Chacha is our first Spanish Water Dog, from the well-known Diane & Doreen Philipson's Briarlow kennel, one of the partnership of 4 who originally brought the breed into the UK. She is currently training for agility, showing and obedience, with a little gundog and water work thrown in!
See more photos of Chacha here.
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Ir Sh Ch FiveNinePlus Puntillitas Ir Jnr Ch, CW'11, CJW'11 (Lita)
Lita is our first home-bred SWD Irish Champion and Irish Junior Champion bitch, born 6th October 2009 and one of the first litter of SWDs born in Ireland. She is gold and white. Her mother is Chacha, our Briarlow's Irish Champion,bitch and her father is Prizelands Artic Splash to Simuje, a lovely black and white boy living in England.
One of our proudest moments was winning
Open Bitch, Good Citizens' Bitch, Best Bitch and Reserve Best of Breed at Crufts 2012!
We hope to do everything with her that we already do with her mother, Chacha, but maybe with fewer mistakes this time!

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