Pre-Beginners obedience

The Pre-Beginners class is the lowest class to begin competition Obedience, but once you have won out, you can never return, even with a new dog! The atmosphere around the Pre-Beginners' ring is generally very upbeat and supportive, as this is where handlers start their Obedience careers, and they tend to encourage each other. The following is a description of the Pre-Beginners test, from the Kennel Club Year Book 2005/2006.

a To compete in Pre-Beginners a handler or dog must not have won a First place in either Pre-Beginners or Beginners nor gained a third place or above in any oother obedience class.
b Handlers will not be penalised for encouragement or extra commands except in the Sit and Down tests. In these tests, at the discretion of the Judge, handlers may face their dogs, Judges or Stewards must not use the words "last command" except in the Sit and Down tests.
c The detailed tests will be:

(1) Heel on lead 15 points
(2) Heel free 20 points
(3) Recall from Sit or Down position at handler's choice. Dog to be recalled by handler when stationary and facing the dog. Dog to return smartly to handler, sit in front, go to heel- all on command of Judge or Steward to handler. Distance at discretion of Judge. Test commences when handler leaves dog. 10 points
(4) Sit one minute, handler in sight 10 points
(5) Down 2 minutes, handler in sight 20 points
(6) TOTAL 75 points