Wedneday 11/11/15 7:30pm
Second bath and swim for the puppies. They are too big to swim properly in our bath now, so they get a sort of cross between a swim with their front legs and a paddle with their back legs! Still all good training for the water sports that they will love when they get older.

Monday 9/11/15 10:00pm
Puppies wormed for the second time. More volume of pink liquid as they are now a lot larger than last time. They were all pretty well behaved and very little was spilt.

Monday 9/11/15 9:00am
The puppy pen has lots of different textures for the puppies to get used to.


Sunday 8/11/15
Busy day for the puppies. Three sets of visitors, all prospective SWD owners! All lovely families with extremely well behaved children, so the puppies had loads of good socialisation. We also put collars on all the puppies for the first time. No real dramas there. A bit of "mild avoidance" but they all got used to them.

Friday 6/11/15 5:50pm
A bit of a photo session...

The girls

The boys (and Rachel)

Thursday 5/11/15 7:45pm
The puppies first bath and swim. They all seem to take it in their stride. They could just reach the bottom of our fully filled bath with their hind legs, but all of them managed a swim. They all took it in their strides.

Sunday 1/11/18 6:00pm
First trip to the pub for the puppies. Thanks to the Glandore apés agility regulars, Amanda, Peter and Carole for introducing the the pappies to the demon drink (well lots of cuddles in a bar anyway).

Saturday 31/10/15 11:00 am
First nail clippings for the puppies. They all seemed to take this in their stride. The brown boy was very relaxed, some squeaking from some of the others. Lita investigated but decided we weren't being cruel to them and gave us her approval.

Friday 30/10/15 10:30 am
The puppies are now playing nicely with toys. Their particular favorite is a cat toy! This is a ball with a rattle inside, which they enjoy pushing around.

Thursday 22/10/15 7:30 am
New discovery! The puppies love tinned rice pudding. This is not a huge surprise as their mum loved tinned rice pudding when she was that age and seems to be quite keen to renew her acquaintance with it now!

Wednesday 28/10/15 10:00 am
The puppies are eating mushed up puppy food very well now. They had sardines mixed in with it today and really seemed to enjoy that.

Tuesday 27/10/15 6:00 pm
A big day for the puppies. We have now moved them into the kitchen. This means they have more room to run around in as they are in a large puppy pen. They have also met our other dogs for the first time. The puppies don't seem at all phased by this, although attempting to feed from the others seemed a bit frustrating for them. Loli our 8 month old SWD was beside herself with excitement. Lita is a very tolerant mum. She doesn't mind granny Chacha and Lolli in the pen with the puppies. She is not so keen on Yeshe or Khizhi meeting them closely. This is fine as Yeshe doesn't like puppies anyway and Khizhi doesn't seem as keen as we expected.

Tuesday 27/10/15 10:00 am
The puppies now have teeth! They have also taken to lots of tail wagging.

Monday 26/10/15 9:30 pm
Puppies had their first worming. As usual quite a lot of pink liquid scattered everywhere, but they weren't too bad.

Sunday 25/10/15 10:45am
First solid(ish) food for the puppies. They all seemed to get the hang of slurping mashed up puppy food and Lactol from a bowl. They are all putting on large amounts of weight and we wanted to take some of the strain off the "milk bar".

Saturday 24/10/15
Nice quite day for the puppies and Lita as the rest of the Five Nine Plus clan were at an agility competition.

Friday 23/10/15 21:30
Now we aren't tweaking them anymore, it's a great excuse for them to have loads of cuddles. The brown boy seems to like this a lot!

Thursday 22/10/15 19:10
The puppies are now walking around on all four feet, rather than just slugging i1! This means it won't be long before they can get out of the whelping box, So soon it will be the move to the puppy pen in the kitchen.

Wednesday 21/10/15 18:45
The puppies had their last session of Super Dog. So they are now fully qualified to join the American Military!

Monday 19/10/15 20:10
All the puppies have now reached 1kg in weight.

Monday 19/10/15 10:30
The puppies are now beginning to get a bit more shape and are a bit less slug like! They seem to be making friends, with the black girl and the gold girl often to be seen cuddled up together.

Monday 19/10/15 07:30
Puppies have a new toy, soft and rattly, all good stimulation for them, although they aren't showing many signs of playing with toys yet.

Sunday 18/10/15 18:30
Puppies all weighed and tweaking undertaken. Everyone seems to be quite chunky! Despite their eyes being quite open now, some of the puppies still protested loudly when picked up.

Friday 16/10/15 19:15
The puppies eyes are quite open now. This meant that tonight's tweaking session was a lot more noisy than usual. Now they can see a bit, they find it a bit more interesting! I am sure they will get used to it soon.

Friday 16/10/15 10:30
First signs of the puppies opening their eyes. I am sure the gold boy saw me!

Thursday 15/10/15 21:10
The puppies are developing their own characters. The brown boy and the long tailed gold girl are slight whingers at least when being tweaked. The Gold boy is much more stoic and managed a yawn and a stretch in the middle of his tweaking session.

Wednesday 14/10/15 23:00
The first puppy to break the 1 kg weight barrier is the black girl. See Puppy weight for more details.

Wednesday 14/10/15 11:50
The puppies aren't really playing with their toys. But they do all get together and cuddle if Lita isn't around.

Tuesday 13/10/15 12:10
Noticed a bit of play for the first time. The brown boy and the gold boy had a bit of a wrestle, then settled down cuddling each other, very cute. But of course the camera battery was flat!

Tuesday 13/10/15 09:00
The puppies now have a few toys. It's very early and I have not seen them interacting with them yet, but it gives them something in their landscape other than a sea of vet bed and a milk bar!

Monday 12/10/15 21:00
The puppies seem very mature. Lita can leave them for half an hour without any complaints. Then when she returns, they dive in quick for a good feed then fall asleep contented. They are a lot more coordinated and can find their way around the "milk bar" very easily.

Sunday 11/10/15 21:30
The puppies are much more up on their feet now and are beginning to take the odd wobbly step rather than just pull themselves around. They also seemed to have learnt to yawn!

Saturday 10/10/15 18:45
Here is the gold boy bob tailed and the brown boy long tailed after their Saturday Super Dog session with me, Adrian.

Saturday 10/10/15 18:30
The puppies ears are now beginning to stick out and their coats are showing of the SWD curl.

Friday 09/10/15 17:45
It's just me Adrian on puppy duty for the weekend as Rachel is away breed judging Spanish Water Dogs. So my first solo Super Dog session. The puppies seem to have got into it and are quite relaxed. The gold long tailed girl didn't seem to like being upside down much. We'll see how it goes this evening.

Friday 09/10/15 12:30
Lita and the puppies got their first congratulations card. Thanks Jeanette!

Thursday 08/10/15 19:30
The puppies are all thriving, they are all putting on weight well (after the usual first day slight loss of weight). Check out Puppy weight for more details.

Wednesday 07/10/15 20:30
The puppies got there first Super Dog session tonight. This involves stimulating them, with cotton buds on the paws, turning them upside down and so on. The theory is that this helps build their neural pathways. At the very least we get to cuddle them and coo at their little paws. Lita wasn't too sure (due to some of the puppies protests!) at first, but we think she will get used to it.


Wednesday 07/10/15 12:15
Lita is being a great mother, happy to leave the pups to "go out", but then straight back in again as soon as she has "been". Lita is on four meals a day, puppy food with the odd treat such as sardines (loads of calcium, fatty acids etc etc.) and Lactol, which at first she wasn't to keen on but is loving now. The puppies all seem very contented, at least when they are feeding, when they are not they let everyone know about it!

Tuesday 06/10/15 17:45
Just back from the vets for a checkup and to have their tail certificates signed (i.e. as there is a natural bob tail in the litter, we have to get a vet to sign that this is the case, so that there is no issue for them competing at Crufts etc!). All the puppies and Lita given a good bill of health. Thanks to Lyle Fleming and all the staff at Glenburn Vets for all the advice and support.

Tuesday 06/10/15 06:45
Puppies spent a good, if slightly noisy first night. Lita full of beans this morning and looking very pleased with herself. So here are the puppies in order they were born, first at the bottom...

Gold long tailed girl

Brown long tailed boy

Black & white long tailed girl

Black long tailed girl

Gold bob tailed girl

Monday 05/10/15 18:40
Fifth and final puppy born. Female gold long tail. 460g. Lita is a terrific mum, brilliant no fuss whelping.

Monday 05/10/15 18:24
Fourth puppy born. Male brown long tail We initially thought he was black, he is a very rich dark brown (energy saving light bulbs!). 500g

Monday 05/10/15 18:00
Third puppy born. Female black with white shawl and blaze long tail. 410g

Monday 05/10/15 17:20
Second puppy born. Female black long tail. 510g

Monday 05/10/15 16:57
First puppy born. Male gold bob tail. 450g

Puppy Blog

Puppy Blog

Lita the Spanish Water Dog is a mum!

The fourth litter of SWDs born on the island of Ireland.

Born 05/10/15, 2 dogs 3 bitches
Dam: Ir Sh Ch FiveNinePlus Puntillitas Ir Jnr Ch, CW'11, CJW'11 AW(B) "Lita"
Sire: Espiritu De Tajo ** "Chico"


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