Showing our dogs

We had chosen Tibetan Terriers and then Spanish Water Dogs as pedigree breeds which we could show if we wanted to do so. Having shown our hamsters quite successfully, we realised that finding out the quality of your stock is of paramount importance to any breeding programme which might be embarked upon, to ensure continual improvement in results.

So we decided, in 1999, to try a show or two. At first, baby Tibetan Terriers only take 10 minutes to wash and about 20 to dry, so I was eased into the coat care and grooming required gradually! Yeshe was the easiest of our dogs coatwise, but Khizhi took nearly two and a half years to lose her puppy coat and so was very difficult to keep well, especially in the winter on our farm, with all the mud!

But a TT washed and groomed for a show is to my mind irresistable and worth the effort! Too bad they don't stay that way!

And don't be fooled by the angelic appearance of a SWD in full coat- it takes months of consistent preparation to keep them like that, and in a way it's more difficult because you can't use any combs or brushes- I actually find myself bruising my thumbs at the height of the show season keeping Chacha's coat long and in good shape!