Spanish Water Dogs For photos from the SWD Club show, 16th November 2008, click here

Chacha is our first Spanish Water Dog and was bred by Diane Philipson of Briarlow SWDs. We are members of the Spanish Water Dog Club in the UK, which has worked long and hard to have the breed accepted by the Kennel Club. (If you are interested in the breed or finding a breeder, please contact the acting club secretary, Kylee Noad.)

At last SWDs can be shown on the full register at shows in the UK, although many shows so far offer AV Gundog. They have their own classes at IKC shows under FCI regulations. Check out the KC breed standard . Find the history of the breed and a detailed description of SWDs on the Spanish Water Dog Club site.

I am sure that from seeing the photos you think that SWDs look like cuddly teddy bears! And indeed, that is what many people meeting them can be fooled into thinking! However, they are full of drive and energy, not at all the 'couch-potato' dog for an owner who doesn't have the time to train or work them, and not really suited to town living. They must be socialised very early, in common with many other gundogs, both with people and other dogs to ensure they become balanced adults.

They are also very quick to learn, both good and bad habits, and will take full advantage of any 'weakness' the owner shows, with the result that they can easily learn to rule the roost! Harsh training methods do not suit them, they respond very well to positive training, personally I use clicker training with toys and food as rewards for both obedience and agility training.) They can be very protective, especially of their favourite member of the family, so this guarding trait must also be appreciated... they also like nothing better than a cuddle!

Chacha's show career is coming along nicely, she is an Irish Show Champion (June 2008) and now has her International title. I have clarified with the IKC the working tests she needs to do to become a full Irish champion, which might be something to aim for in the future....

Lita is an Irish Show Champion and Junior Champion, and has the first CACIB towards her international title.