Yeshe (Alilah Yves at FiveNinePlus)

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I had had a lovely poodle cross collie in my childhood, Scruff, who was often mistaken for a Tibetan Terrier, and the idea of owning one of these hairy dogs had been with me for a long time. When Scruff finally died age 17, I began to fret for another dog. However, the house in the centre of Lisburn which we moved to in 1996 had no secure garden, so it wasn't until 1999 when we moved to the country that plans for a puppy finally began in earnest. After a few months of phoning around and speaking to breeders all over the UK, Yeshe came into our lives in 1999, thanks to Pat Tempest of the famous Alilah kennel.

Even I can see now that Yeshe, having been longed for for so long, was rather more spoilt or 'doted on', to quote Adrian, than he should have been. This lead to a number of times when Yeshe, following our neighbour's lab cross, disappeared, sometimes for several hours at a time. Thank goodness for collars and ID tags... and for maturity, for as Yeshe grew up, he stayed closer to home! I tried every theory under the sun to improve this recall problem, but I think being honest, it was mostly age which helped.

Yeshe started obedience as soon as he had his first jabs, at 14 weeks of age. He was great within the confines of a hall, and actually seemed to enjoy training, but take him out to the beach or forest, and he just ran and ran. At one point, I really thought that I would never be able to take him out off the lead. However, he won out of Pre-Beginners at his first competitive obedience show in 2003, won out of Beginners in 2005 and retired competing at Novice level.

Next was ringcraft- if you've never seen a TT puppy bouncing off the walls, you had never seen Yeshe at ringcraft! He settled, however, and went on to win several major Green Stars, and went to Crufts in 2001 & 2002. His best result was Green Star Dog, Best of Breed and 4th in Group at Bull Breeds show 2002. He was retired from breed showing in September 2003.

Last, and definitely not least, he trained for agility from the age of 12 months, but it took 3 years' hard slog to convince him that a whole round of obstacles, not just three was required! I was on the point of giving up with him on many occasions, but in 2005 he qualified for Midi Seniors and Advanced, allowing him the chance to compete in 2006 in the Medium Championship class!

At nearly 14, Yeshe is now retired from all competition work. He takes it easy, still loves the snow, when we get it, but basically enjoys a pampered life with his best mate Kya!

Training TTs definitely demands a good sense of humour!